Gift Announcement Cards

Give the gift of self-esteem!

Give a gift she’ll enjoy, benefit from, and remember you by all year long with our Girls Empowerment Membership! You’ll be giving her something that will build her self-worth and inspire her to be her BEST! Plus we have downloadable gift announcement cards below that you can email or print and send to the recipient!

An annual membership includes self-esteem webinars, empowerment “hangouts”, helpful articles, inspiring tips, puzzles & brain games, free giveaways, silly jokes, and more!

All for only $19.99 a year! That’s only $1.67 a month to keep a girl empowered, inspired, and positive!


Downloadable Gift Announcement Card!

We have two choices of downloadable gift announcement cards:

(1) If you would like to PRINT the card to give recipient (where you can fill in the To/From information, as well as the 8-digit membership code that you receive when ordering that’s required for activation), please download the first card below.

(2) If you would like to EMAIL the card to recipient, please download the second card below. (Note: You will have to also provide recipient with the 8-digit membership code you receive upon purchase so she can activate her membership.)

For gift announcement card to PRINT, click on image below:

For gift announcement card to EMAIL, click on image below:

Thank you for your support in helping to empower girls to be their BEST!

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  1. Lyndsey Osborne

    um, Hi, again, my name is Lyndsey. um I was woundering if i got anything from the free prizes i entered a few weeks ago. if you could get back to me thanks! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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