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Mom Blogger, Thirty Something Super Mom, recently reviewed BYOU Magazine and said some wonderful things about BYOU Mag (see below)!

Awesome bonus: Melissa at Thirty Something Super Mom is hosting a giveaway of a 1-year BYOU Magazine subscription (her giveaway ends Friday, Feb. 26; visit her website to see how to enter)!

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Here is what Melissa at Thirty Something Super Mom has to say about BYOU Mag:

“At 10 years old my daughter is at a point in life where she is deciding what type of person she is and who she wants to surround herself with. Even though I try to have an open mind each time, I am not a fan of most of her friends and influences at school, it seems that nobody is good enough for my daughter.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only parent that cares and more often than not I feel like I am pushed to my limit with what my husband and I refer to as “Twilight Zone” situations. It basically means that everyone around us is acting crazy and it’s obvious that they are in the wrong but somehow nobody notices it but us. These things tend to happen to us more and more now that we have moved to Iowa.

We try to set a great example at home and teach our daughter what is right and wrong so that when she is at school surrounded by degenerates, their misguided poor choices will not influence her. This is definitely harder as the teen years approach and I am being more proactive in finding good role models and entertainment for her as she reaches this very impressionable time in her life.

Recently I was asked to review and host a giveaway of BYOU magazine which is a magazine perfect for young girls ages 8+. I was excited to receive a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion as well as host a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive a free, 1-year subscription (both print & digital) to BYOU Magazine!

So of course the first thing I did was tell my daughter about this opportunity and she was excited! What kid doesn’t like to receive mail? Plus she loves to read and when she found out she could also check out the magazine on her tablet she was really interested. The download process was simple, even I could do it!

Brec Bassinger Cover BYOU MagazineThe first thing we noticed about BYOU magazine is the cover with Brec Bassinger who stars in one of my daughter’s favorite shows, Bella and the Bulldogs! Her interview was fun and the photos were great, she loves fashion and I know my daughter would be interested in finding out where she got those outfits. I liked that the questions and answers are focusing on the positives and they even mention how she works with charities like the JDRF Diabetes foundation. I never would have known Brec was a diabetic and it’s very inspirational to others to see how she didn’t let that get in the way of achieving her dreams.

Another favorite for the both of us is the fun craft projects like the Attitude of Gratitude journal. What a great way to inspire girls to have a positive attitude and to be thankful for all of the positive things they have in life. There is even another project for inspirational bookmarks that would be perfect to use in your personalized gratitude journal. These projects are great for us to do together or a fun way for her to spend some time away from the computer.

There are fun quizzes, inspirational stories, interviews, celebrities who give back, recipes, crossword puzzle, tips for life, and so much more!  I wish I had a copy of this magazine when I was a kid but I am really happy that it is available for my daughter and you can win a year’s subscription for yours by entering below! Be sure to check out BYOU by clicking here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter after you enter the giveaway!”

(Click here to see full review/comments and to enter to win a 1-year subscription!)

THANKS FOR THE AWESOME REVIEW MELISSA! Thirty Something Super Mom’s giveaway ends Friday, Feb. 26, so check out her website to find out how to enter!

Melissa talks about fun things on her blog like recipes, crafts, home decorating tips, and so much more. Be sure to check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

Thanks again Melissa, at Thirty Something Super Mom, for taking the time to review BYOU Mag and for hosting this great giveaway!

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Be sure to check out the Brec Bassinger issue of BYOU Magazine! Click on image to see how to get it!

Be sure to check out the Brec Bassinger issue of BYOU Magazine! Click on image to see how to get it!

Every issue of BYOU Magazine includes advice, celebrity exclusives, quizzes and more.

Don’t miss out! Order your subscription today and get BYOU Magazine delivered right to your mailbox for only $17.97/year…that’s 25% off the newsstand price! Or try a free trial digital subscription when you install the free BYOU Magazine app from iTunes, Android, or Amazon!

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