Interview with Sydney Park, Host of Nickelodeon’s New Show, The HALO Effect


HALO_EFFECT_WHITEWe all believe there should be more goodness in the world, right? Kudos to Nickelodeon for the launch of their new docu-series, The HALO Effect! 

HALO EFFECT host Sydney Park. Read Part 2 of Sydney’s exclusive interview in BYOU Magazine’s Be Yourself issue – click HERE to find out more! (Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/Nickelodeon. ©2015 Viacom International, Inc)

HALO stands for Helping And Leading Others, and every month The HALO Effect will highlight a teen who is making a BIG difference in their community. BYOU Magazine was excited to hear that Nickelodeon selected actress Sydney Park (from Nick’s Instant Mom) to host this inspiring series! Sydney is a great role model for girls and we were fortunate to include her as a panelist on one of our Teen Celebrity Empowerment Panels  a few years ago. Recently, in BYOU Magazine’s ‘Be Yourself’ issue, BYOU Mag founder, Debra Gano, caught up with Sydney Park to talk about The HALO Effect kids and being authentic and a do-gooder! Check out more from the interview about not only the new show, but about her journey to becoming the host, what it’s like, and why it’s important to be a do-gooder (check out her answers in orange below)!

Debra: Hi Sydney! Please tell us a little bit about how you became  host of Nickelodeon’s new docu-series, The HALO Effect.

Sydney: I started doing stand up comedy when I was six years old, and that has really helped my career. If I’m doing comedy, drama, or even improv, it helps with the interactions with your audience with connecting and timing, especially with hosting. Nick Cannon [Chairman of TeenNICK] used to do stand up comedy, and we met at the Hollywood Improv when I was seven. He took me under his wing and has always given me opportunities, like hosting the HALO awards and the Kids’ Choice Awards orange carpet pre-show. I’ve showed how much I care about the fans and how well I interact with people, so that came into play when they were deciding [who the host would be]. It was a really easy transition coming off of Instant Mom and then going into hosting The HALO Effect because of the fact that I’ve done so many hosting gigs for Nickelodeon. It was all building up to that moment, and a great opportunity!

Debra: It’s very cool that you get to host a show that features young kids who are doing positive things in the world! What is it like?

Sydney: I always think whenever I meet the honorees, whether that’s on the HALO Awards or just doing The HALO Effect, that these kids are the real celebrities. They’re making such incredible changes in their community and they’re inspiring young people to get out there and do good. These young people are using social media, using all of these outlets for the greater good. It’s so much bigger than, “Here let me post a selfie.” These kids have been working since they were so young with their own organizations! It’s really an incredible thing to see how proud their families are and that’s what so beautiful about it. I think the audience will see that, because the show is so personal.

Debra: Do you think this show can inspire other kids to be a “do-gooder”?

Sydney: It is such a self obsessed world right now. We live in an age where people truly only care about themselves or have ulterior motives.  No one is doing it to be authentic and to be true and honest. But [in The HALO Effect], you see these everyday kids, they’re very normal, they go to school, they have families, they have best friends, they deal with their teenage problems, they juggle of these things – but at the same time they’re taking action. Just to see them making a change and making an effort is really what counts.That’s what is so special about The HALO Effect; it can inspire kids to just do something good. Whether that’s donating to a charity that they feel passionate about, being kind to people and spreading kindness, or talking about an issue that’s important to them and spreading awareness. That’s really where it starts. And that’s such a positive message for our young people today.

Jessica and Sydney Park

Jessica Collins & Sydney Park

The first episode of The HALO Effect docu-series highlights Jessica Collins and her non-profit, A Place to Sleep. Jessica helps disadvantaged families in need of beds and bedding in her home state of Kentucky. She realized that there are lots of kids and families who don’t have a warm bed to sleep in every night and she needed to do something about that. Jessica was inspired to start her non-profit by the movie, The Blind Side, when she was 10 years old. Her non-profit, along with the help of her church, family, and volunteers, allowed Jessica to provide bed frames, mattresses, and bedding to over 750 families.

THE HALO EFFECT -- Episode "Purses for Primates" Episode 110-- Sydney Parks, surprises Allie Boyer with a check on February 13, 2016 in Chico, CA. Photo by David Moir/NICKELODEON©2016 Viacom International, Inc All Rights Reserved.

Allie Boyer & Jessica Collins

Featured on another episode of The HALO Effect doc-series, they highlight Allie Boyer and her non-profit, Purses for Primates. Allie began her own non-profit after learning about the endangered species of orangutans. Allie collects gently used purses and sells them at yard sales, community events, and other places around her community. Allie was inspired by to help the orangutans when she read the book, Koko’s Kitten, an award-winning book about the gorilla Koko (who knows sign language) and her love for a tailless kitten named “All-Ball.” Find out more about Allie and Purses for Primates! 

Because of their dedication and selflessness to their communities, Nickelodeon’s The HALO Effect will award “A Place to Sleep” & “Purses for Primates” $10,000 each in hopes to help their non-profits to succeed!

Riley 1

Riley Gantt: 2015 HALO Award Recipient. Click to read her story!

Check out the four inspiring teens who were honored at the 2015 HALO Awards by CLICKING HERE! BYOU Magazine’s Girl Making a Difference Riley Gantt was one of the recipients!

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