Exclusive: Dove Cameron Chats About “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher”


Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron: The Girl and The Dreamcatcher

“The Girl and The Dreamcatcher is 100% authentic!” ~Dove Cameron


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The recent BYOU Magazine’s “Be Yourself” issue features an exclusive interview (and photos!) with popular Liv and Maddie star Dove Cameron. In our interview with Dove, she shares how she felt “different” throughout childhood and dealt with bullies, gives us the scoop on  why she wears a gold locket, and offers truly inspiring and empowering advice on staying true to yourself (CLICK HERE to see how to get this amazing issue!)

In her interview with BYOU Magazine, Dove also chatted with us about her band, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher (formed with her boyfriend-turned-fiance Ryan McCartan), which we’ve saved here for an online story. Read below what Dove means when she says “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher is 100% authentic” and watch their new music video for “Make You Stay” below!

Exclusive Interview: Dove Cameron Chats About “The Girl and The Dreamcatcher”

The recently engaged, Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are two peas in a pod. From being in Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddie together to forming their own band, the two are a power couple. In this exclusive BYOU Magazine, Dove shares how passionate she is about her music and her enthusiasm for the future…

RYAN MCCARTAN, DOVE CAMERON: The Girl and The Dreamcatcher


BYOU Magazine: Can you tell us about your music and upcoming projects for The Girl and The Dreamcatcher

Dove: Yeah! Mine and Ryan’s band, The Girl and The Dreamcatcher, is a huge passion of mine. I am so excited. I am really, really grateful to Disney Channel for showing our stuff, helping me promote and cultivate this music career. It’s amazing! I could not feel happier. It is very rare that an artist in my position, or in almost anyone’s position really, has full power and autonomy over what they put out, but Ryan and I really do. Everything that you hear form our band has been written by us. We get the music back and we say, “we want more drums here,” or “want more guitar here,” or “we definitely want this part to be longer.” We shoot, pay for, and edit all of our own music videos. So everything that you’re getting from us is 100 percent authentic; you’re getting it directly from us and that’s something that we’re really proud about. We have a lot coming out this year. 2016 is going to be a huge year for us, and we’re really excited about all this support we’re being shown by the fans — we love our “dreamcatchers”! And there’s so much more coming your way and I can’t even wait to show you guys! Lots of live performances, lots of music videos, singles, possibly an EP! (see update below)

BYOU Magazine: If you had the possibility of signing with a record company, what would you do?

Dove: That’s a conversation we’re in right now because we’re both people that understand that the only way to break a plan is to make a plan. So we’re never going to say, “We will never sign with a record label.” Right now, we’re not really interested but if we were to sign with a record label, the first thing we would say to them is, “We’ve done this all by ourselves and we don’t want to lose our control. And we don’t want to lose our relationship with our fans if we sign with you. Can you offer us that?” If they say “yes,” we’ll look into it further and if they say “no,” then we will remain independent forever.

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UPDATE: The duo is set to release their new EP titled “Negatives” this summer! The duo recently announced on their Instagram and Twitter pages, that we can look forward to the new EP sometime this summer, along with some exciting song titles such as “Shoulda Made You Mine,” “Gladiator,” “I Really Hate Parties,” and “The Heat.” No release date announced just yet, but you can count on this dynamic duo to deliver some amazing tunes!

In the meantime, check out The Girl and The Dreamcatcher’s newest music video, Make You Stay


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