“BYOU with Ella Hour” on Teens of America Radio: Are YOU the Victim of an Energy Vampire?

It’s the B-YOU with ELLA Hour!

BYOU Magazine’s B-Silly Ella is co-hosting her very own show on Teens of America Radio!

Teens of America Radio airs Monday evenings from 8-10 pm ET ( 7-9 pm CT/ 6-8pm MT/ 5-7pm PT!

About the B-YOU with ELLA Hour!

In her B-YOU with Ella Hour, Ella joins host and founder Sean Mulroney to discuss topics to help guide teens to B-POSITIVE, B-YOURSELF, and B-SILLY (read more about Sean Mulroney and Teens of America/TOA below). Topics such as being true to you, staying positive and empowered, and, of course, the importance of staying silly! During Ella’s show, her goal is to bring laughter, advice, and positivity to a stressed world. Through jokes, facts, empowering quotes, advice, and interviews with experts, authors, positive role models, teen celebrities, and even teens struggling with issues, Ella brings attention to subjects important to the well-being of teens every day … with powerful tips to guide them through the maze that is today’s world.


Ways to listen to Teens of America Radio

Visit the Teens of America website: You can listen to Teens of America Radio Network on your computer/phone/mobile devices at TeensofAmerica.net. CLICK HERE! (Note: all shows repeat 24/7 to listen anytime!)

On the app: Listen to Teens of America Radio Network anywhere on your mobile device. You can tune in on 3G/4G/LTE or WIFI. Download the Tune in App on your mobile device, then search for Teens of America Radio Network to listen.

In your home: Bring Teens of America Radio in your home. You can listen on your iPad, Android tablet, Amazon kindle, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, Sonos system, or internet streaming radio. Download the Tune in App on your streaming device, then search for Real Truth for America to listen.

Listen to Ella’s Past TOA Radio Shows

Are YOU the Victim of an Energy Vampire?

Ella and host Sean Mulroney discuss: Are YOU the Victim of an Energy Vampire?  Find out how to identify people who literally “suck” your energy and important tips on how to deal with them! Listen to it on the  Teens of America Radio Network at TeensofAmerica.net. CLICK HERE! 


B-Motivated! LISTEN HERE

Theme for this show is “B-Motivated!” Ella inspires you to take action to follow your dreams, and her special guests, academic superstar Cassandra Hsiao and teen author Anna Caltabiano, offer advice and tips to make dreams come true! LISTEN HERE

B-Motivated by Cassandra Hsiao, who has been accepted by all EIGHT Ivy League Colleges!

Not only has 17-year-old Cassandra Hsiao been accepted to all eight Ivy League colleges, she is BYOU Magazine’s go-to girl for reporting at Hollywood red carpet events and movie premieres. But on-location reporting for multiple media outlets is just a sliver of the talent of this remarkable young woman. Cassandra maintained a 4.6 GPA, scored a near perfect on her SATs and ACTS, and has received numerous awards, including the very prestigious “Gracie Award” presented annually by the Alliance for Women In Media Foundation. Her poetry, fiction, memoirs and plays have been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the National YoungArts Foundation. She was chosen as a finalist for national playwriting competitions held by Writopia Labs, Princeton University, and YouthPLAYS.

B-Motivated by Anna Caltabiano, 20-year-old author of FOUR books!

Ella’s second guest is Anna Caltabiano, the twenty year-old author of four books including All That is Red and The Seventh Miss Hatfield. She was born in British colonial Hong Kong and educated in Mandarin Chinese schools before moving to California. Now a student in Brown University’s eight-year medical program, Anna continues to pursue her interest in healing through the science of medicine and the power of narrative. Her writing reflects her concerns for her own generation as it seeks out salvation, meaning, and companionship in online communities, with pop culture as its shared language. In addition to her novels, Anna is a columnist for the Huffington Post, and has appeared in various media, such as The Guardian, The Marie Show, Seventeen Magazine, and of course, BYOU Magazine!

Follow Your Dreams! Special Guest: singer Hawley Penfold
Theme for this show is “Following Your Dreams” and Ella’s special guest is teen pop singer Hawley Penfold! Hawley’s music features the ever-so relevant themes of youth today, with positive lyricism and impactful words about self-esteem and self-confidence. Her singles include “Seize the Moment” and “Perfect”, and later this season, she releases her new single and video “Three Strikes”. Hawley discusses why it’s important to follow your passion and offers helpful tips to help YOU achieve your dreams! LISTEN HERE

The Importance of Being Yourself, Part 2! Special Guest: Sanah Jivani, founder Love Your Natural Self Foundation

Ella’s theme: “The Importance of Being Yourself, Part 2”

Special guest Sanah Jivani, teen founder of The Love Your Natural Self Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps to empower teens in 28 countries worldwide, discusses how she lost all of her hair to Alopecia in the seventh grade and struggled with wigs, bullying, and low self-worth. Sanah offers advice to teens about self-love, self-acceptance, and how to be courageous to be yourself! (BYOU Magazine featured Sanah Jivani as one of our Girls Making a Difference; read Sanah’s story here on our blog!) CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

The Importance of Being Yourself, Part 1! Special Guest:  BYOU Magazine’s founder Debra Gano

Ella’s theme: “The Importance of Being Yourself, Part 1”

In this interview (which BTW was Ella’s premiere show), Debra Gano  offers insight on the consequences of not staying true to yourself with important tips and advice on how to empower yourself to truly B-YOU!



Don’t miss any of Ella’s Teen of America shows! She wants YOU to feel more confident about who you are, and more empowered to handle the tough times, after listening to her show.

Be sure to follow and tweet B-Silly Ella on Twitter at @BsillyElla to let her know how you feel about her show! Also Instagram at @BsillyElla!

More Teens of America/BYOU Magazine news!

Also co-hosting her own Teens of America radio show is BYOU Magazine’s “B-Safe with Cassi” star, Cassandra Perkins! Cassi’s show is called Behind the Mask with Cassi where she “unmasks” serious issues important to older teens with host Sean Mulroney.  (Check the Teens of America website to see specific dates when Cassi’s show is on). 

Cassi and Ella are two of the amazing line up of teen co-hosts on the Teens of America Radio Network — listen every Monday evening LIVE starting at 8pm ET/7pm CT/ 6pm MT/ 5pm PT!

Click here for ways to listen to Teens of America Radio!

About Teens of America Radio Network

Teens of America (TOA) is dedicated to encourage, educate, and equip teens with the necessary tools to break the chains of negative choices. This non-profit organization wants to show teens that there are lots of positive resources that are available to them and we can always make positive choices every day.

Not many shows can make the claim that they actually save lives. Teens of America (TOA) does just that. We lose 8 teens a day as a result of alcohol or drug related accidents, another 7 teens a day die through weapon related accidents and homicide, and 6 teens a day through suicide (a permanent solution to a temporary problem). When will these assaults on our youth end? Host and founder, Sean Mulroney, reaches teens and parents. How? He has reformatted the show, assembling an amazing team of teen co-hosts (like Ella and Cassi!), who talk WITH and on behalf of teens rather than talking AT them.

The result? A phenomenon that attracts a teen audience from 26 countries, with about 1k downloads of their show weekly on iTunes and Stitcher. Currently the show can be heard via radio on WXZY & WMMR in Pennsylvania and WGGH in Illinois,  and the show is also slated for national syndication on radio stations around the world.

For more information on TOA, be sure to visit teensofamerica.net.

Listen to Teens of America radio show every Monday from 8pm ET-10pm ET with Sean Mulroney and his inspiring teen co-hosts!

For more girls’ empowerment and advice, including B-Silly Ella’s fun and funny B-Silly page, become a member of BYOU Magazine today for only $19.99! 


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