Play the Girl Power Superhero Name Game!


Superhero Name BYOU SO15It’s National Superhero Day and we believe every girl is a superhero in her own unique (and powerful!) way! Being a strong, independent young woman who is not afraid to be herself is so important in today’s world. When you are in your fullest power, you feel good about yourself and your self-esteem is stronger than ever!

To show your girl power, we invite you to play a game we featured on our B-Smart page in our Girl Power issue, where we talk all about what it takes to show your true girl power and why it’s important for girls to support each other. Create your very own Superhero name (see below), you can even share with us on social media using hashtag #BYOUmagazine!

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BYOU SO15 PRINT 36.p1.pdf.r300DIRECTIONS: Use this Superhero name generator to help you create your own Superhero name! All you have to do is select a word that describes you from ‘Column A’ then a word from ‘Column B’ (see image at left) and then add your first name — or come up with your own unique description! After you create your name, share it with us on social media at #BYOUmagazine!

Even some of our staff at BYOU Magazine have created their own Superhero names, check it out…


Gabrielle Klebanow, Editorial Assistant: PEACEFUL PROTECTOR GABRIELLE

Lisa Beebe, Contributing Writer: CONFIDENT CREATOR LISA

Paige Sheffield, Contributing Writer: AUTHENTIC ACTIVIST PAIGE 

B-Silly Ella, Contributor & Celebrity Reporter: CONFIDENT UPSTANDER ELLA

Make sure you tag BYOU Magazine using hashtag #BYOUmagazine and we’ll re-post our faves! You can also leave your Superhero Name in the comments below! Go Girl Power!

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