Super Dad Gift Guide & Giveaways!

Welcome to our “Super Dad” Gift Guide & Giveaways!

All dads are SUPER heroes in their own way, so here are some SUPER unique ideas to let dad know you think he’s SUPER awesome!

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Check out our “Super Dad” Gift Guide below!


Theo Sterling Skin Clarifying and Probiotic Balancing Mist is a blend of probiotics designed to improve your skin’s health using only safe and effective ingredients. This specialized, easy-to-use mist targets and removes the bad bacteria on your skin while introducing the good bacteria — contrary to other probiotic skincare products that introduce good bacteria to your skin but don’t account for the bad bacteria left behind, even after cleansing. Within weeks of using, skin becomes clearer, more luminous, and blemishes and dry patches vanish, even on the most troubled and sensitive skin. Formulated with rare and unique microbes full of proteins and enzymes, this made-for-all-skin types mist is hand made in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.


Editor’s Review: Sure, we think of taking probiotics to improve our stomach and intestinal (a.k.a. gut) health, so doesn’t it make sense to use probiotics to improve the health of our LARGEST organ, our skin? And who doesn’t want healthy balanced skin, right? Dad may not want to spend a lot of time pampering his skin, but this facial mist is so easy to use, he won’t be able to resist a quick spritz every day to keep his skin in tip-top shape (plus he’ll love the COOL bottle it comes in!). What we love about it is the clean simplicity of ingredients: only purified water, Epson salt, and Theo Sterling’s revolutionary probiotic blend – that means no preservatives, no parabens, no fragrances, no dyes – just the “good stuff”! It’s a great idea for any dad (but we promise you’ll want to use it too LOL)!


Handmade on Amelia Island, Florida, the salty sea air and near-tropical humidity make Amelia Toffee’s time-honored recipes one of a kind. These unique recipes combine tradition and creativity with superior, 100% “clean” ingredients that contain no extra colorings or preservatives, so you can enjoy the pure taste of decadent dark chocolate and buttery toffee that are luxuriously textured with melt-in-your-mouth consistency unlike any other gourmet toffee! Made in small batches to ensure quality and available in six delicious varieties.


Editor’s Review: Wow … these toffees are amazing! They definitely have a gourmet and “family recipe” homemade taste to them so you know you’re not eating something mass produced. We sampled five of the flavors: Sea Salt (using the founder’s grandmother’s recipe), Orange Bliss (with natural orange oil made from Florida oranges), Coffee (coffee is actually brewed into the toffee, I guess that truly makes it “coffee toffee” LOL), Cherry (enhanced with rich cherry extract), and Bourbon (handcrafted bourbon mixed in gives it a hint of oak taste – dad will love this one!). There is also a Key Lime flavor which also sounds delicious. Try them frozen for a cool summer treat! Oh boy … dad had better hide these, because the whole family will want some!



Skip the tie idea for dad … here’s something he can really use, a Giftgowns face mask! Giftgowns made a name for themselves by creating fun, stylish hospital gowns that fit every personality, and now they’ve done the same with their face masks with fun designs for the whole family. Made of two layers of breathable cotton, these machine washable masks fit snugly across your face and have flexible ear straps – they even feature a pocket to input a filter! Available in white or black in a variety of designs.


Editor’s Review: Who would’ve thought that face masks would be the “must-have” accessory of the season, right? Well, if you have to wear one, the ones from Giftgowns are one of the best choices around! These high-quality masks are not just breathable (which is the #1 thing I look for) but are super stylish with all of their unique designs. Dad will love the Stripes or “I’d Rather Be Golfing” designs, mom will love the Palm Trees or Flowers designs, and teens/kids will love the XO, Peace Sign, Daisy, Astrology, or Good Vibes designs. Put it this way … Giftgowns has the whole family covered (literally LOL)!


The Uber Chill mini refrigerator makes it possible to chill (or keep warm) whatever dad’s heart desires in every space imaginable, from boats to vehicles to garages! The sleek and highly functional design features heating and cooling options to keep contents cool or hot. Utilizing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly thermo-electric Peltier Technology, Uber Chill is capable of cooling or warming within a reasonable amount of time, cooling down to 32o F and warming up to 150o F. Compact and weighing around three pounds, this 4-liter mini personal fridge holds up to six 12-ounce cans or four 500-milliliter bottles. Each mini fridge includes a built-in AC/DC transformer and two cords: one for home outlets and one for a 12-volt car cigarette lighter. Keep your food warm now and your drinks cold for later!  


Editor’s Review: Coolers can be such a hassle with refilling and leaking ice, etc., so these lightweight portable mini fridges work so well and are a blessing for on-the-go convenience! Included is both an outlet cord and a car charger cord, so it’s super easy to take from house or car to boat or hotel room to keep things cold. It even heats up well for on-the-road leftovers! It’s also perfect for medications you need to keep chilled, plus to keep plastic water bottles cool so they don’t overheat in a hot parked car (toxins from heated plastic can leach into the water!). And while he’s waiting for his next adventure or road trip, dad can use it in the garage or family room to keep drinks or veggies and other healthy snacks handy (hint, hint dad)!



Give dad the gift of a good night’s sleep with Pillow Cube. Pillow Cube is made of high-quality memory foam that top bed-in-a-box companies use, and it’s made just for side sleepers. It reacts to the weight you place on it so that it cradles your head and neck. For years technology in bedding and mattresses has changed, but nothing has changed with pillows until now. Propping up your head when sleeping on your side not only helps with spinal alignment, but also decreases sleep apnea and reduces acid reflux. Pillow Cube is perfect to take travelling and even to use in between your legs for the best night’s rest!


Editor’s Review: Being a side sleeper (and a light sleeper!), I was excited to try Pillow Cube – anything that would help me get a better night’s sleep. And after trying it, I have to say that I absolutely love it! It offers perfect head and neck support that molds to the shape of your head (due to the memory foam) so you wake up feeling refreshed without a “crick” in your neck. But I have to admit how I mostly use it … I put it between my legs! This was a trick I discovered years ago while pregnant and dealing with an aching back (by putting a small pillow between your thighs while side sleeping, it “balances” your alignment to relieve back pain and pressure), and I have continued to use that little pillow since – but now I’ve replaced it with a MUCH better upgraded version, the amazing Pillow Cube!


Dad won’t complain of being too hot or sweaty while sleeping this summer with PeachSkinSheets! These 1500-thread count, ultra-soft sheets are made of an athletic high-performance SMART fabric that helps warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy. The lightweight, breathable microfiber helps with night sweats by keeping skin drier and wicking away moisture, instead of absorbing it like cotton will. Pill resistant and hypo-allergenic, the Original PeachSkinSheets Breathable Sheet Sets include one fitted sheet (2 fitted sheets for split king), one flat sheet, and two pillowcases with European Envelope Closures (1 pillowcase for Twin).


Editor’s Review: Soft!! That is the very first word I thought of when using these sheets — and I am mean really soft, as in “swaddled-in-a-baby-blanket soft”. But they are so lightweight, too. And silky. And luxurious. And breathable! OK, I guess there are many words to describe these wonderful sheets LOL. Oh, did I mention how great they look when they come out of the dryer?? Here’s another word to describe: wrinkle-free! I really like the European Envelope Closures on the pillowcases too, as it’s so nice to have the entire pillow covered. Absolutely love these sheets, you will too .. and it’s likely every member of the family will want a set!


Dad and mom may like to drink a glass of wine, but they may not like the side effects from the histamines and sulfites if they have wine sensitivities or intolerance. PureWine’s wine filters use patented NanoPore purification to remove 90% of histamines and sulfites that can cause headaches, congestion, or skin flush, and they work on all red, white, and sparkling wines without adding harsh chemicals or changing the natural taste, aroma, or color of the wine, while leaving in tannins and antioxidants. Available in two BPA-free options: “The Wave” filter and aerator for bottles or “The Wand” disposable filters for by-the-glass and on-the-go!


Editor’s Review: A friend of mine enjoys wine but suffers from side effects (like becoming congested and flushed) when she drinks it, so she was excited to try a glass with “The Wand” disposable filter in it — and she was very impressed! Not only did she not experience the usual “stuffiness” she experiences when drinking wine, but she claimed the wine tasted “cleaner”. These are a must-have for anyone with wine sensitivities; but even if someone doesn’t have sensitivities, these make sense for anyone looking for the purest wine experience possible. And as a bonus, the technology of “The Wave” and “The Wand” remove the oxidized taste of opened wine, so it will keep fresh-tasting longer!


Help dad take good care of his health with Sael Wellness gummy supplements! Sael Wellness makes nutritional products that help you live a healthy, energetic, and happy lifestyle without sacrificing fun and convenience. They focus on solving specific nutritional problems to help make a difference in your life. The “Happy Apple” Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger Gummies give your mind and body a boost, offering numerous health benefits, including digestion, weight management, and immune support, and the “Sound Sleep” Strawberry Gummies help you to sleep well by utilizing the benefits of key-ingredients melatonin and magnesium – because sleeping well is critical to living a healthy lifestyle!


Editor’s Review:

The health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar daily are numerous, yet trying to get down 1-2 tablespoons of this super sour nutrient isn’t easy (trust me, I’ve tried all kind of ways LOL!) — so that’s why these delicious gummies (yes, they truly are yummy) that are a combo of apple cider vinegar and ginger (which also has many health benefits) is such a GREAT IDEA. Sael Wellness “Happy Apple” gummies make it so easy to be sure you’re getting a daily dose of these very beneficial supplements. And the “Sound Sleep” gummies (in a yummy strawberry flavor) with their combo of melatonin and magnesium REALLY DO WORK to help you fall sleep–and stay asleep. I completely agree with them when they say sleeping well is critical to living a healthy lifestyle — and I’ll add, a HAPPY lifestyle, because good sleep is essential for a good mood!

Remember, if you have our Girls Empowerment Membership, you can WIN these products in our giveaways! You’ll find all info in the MEMBERS section of our BYOU Magazine app! Not yet a member? CLICK HERE to order your annual membership for only $19.99, it also makes a great gift that will build confidence and empower a girl all year long!

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