5 Back-To-School Tips For Starting a New School

BUSchoolGirlAre you starting a new school this year? Whether you’ve moved or are moving up a grade, we know that starting a new school can feel scary or intimidating…but it doesn’t have to be! It’s easier than you think; check out BYOU Magazine‘s tips to help make your change easy and fun!

1. Get the scoop early!

Arrive at school early on your first day so you have time to find your locker, classroom, cafeteria, and all the other important places. If you have chance, take a tour of your new school before classes start so you won’t feel lost on your first day. Have your parents call your school to set up a tour. Many schools now offer orientation prior to the first day of school, so take advantage of that if it’s available!

Pre teen girl getting on school bus2. Introduce yourself!

Be empowered by taking the initiative and introduce yourself to classmates, teachers, your bus driver, etc. It’s as simple as saying, “Hi! I’m (your name).” It’s likely they’ll then tell you their name (or you can ask), and you’ve made an instant connection! Most people welcome this friendly gesture, and if they don’t, you know it’s not someone you want to be friends with anyway right?!

3. Make new friends! 
School days are super busy, so you might get to know your new classmates in a social setting!

  • Ask your parents if you could invite some new peers over after school to bake cookies, play board games, watch a favorite sports team, do a craft, or give each other manicures!
  • Or ask you parents if you can arrange for you and your new classmates to do something together outside of school, like meet at the park, have a picnic, or go to the mall.

4. Get involved at school! Young girls writing notes and having fun

Join a club or organization that interests you or try our for a school sports team. These groups give you the opportunity to spend more time with you new classmates and meet people at your new school who aren’t in your class. Since you’ll be hanging out with kids that have similar interests, you might even find a new BFF!

Kids-Yoga25. Get involved in your community! 

School isn’t the only place to be active and meet new people. Explore  volunteer opportunities for kids in your new location, or ask your parents if you can try a local dance class, art class, community theater group, or other fun after-school activities in your town.

Just remember when you start your new school, be yourself! Where you come from is what makes you special!

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