Spring Break Guide & Giveaways For Girls!

Welcome to our Spring Break Guide & Giveaways!

Sure, we have some great ideas here for travel, but now with many people staying home, we’ve also included lots of amazing “Staycation” ideas too! 

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Check out our Spring Break Guide below for ideas that will make every day feel like a vacation!


Get control of your curls on-the-go with the Glister Mini Curls styling wand! Designed with an easy-to-use clip, the Mini Curls wand can create big volume, soft waves, or romantic ringlets with just ONE tiny tool. The ultra-compact size allows you to easily fit your tool in most any bag or purse without sacrificing other necessities. Travel in style with our Limited-Edition designer carrying pouches, and you’ll be set to bounce those curls anywhere you go! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Want to know the first thing we said when we saw these? “OMG, they are so CUTE!” Not only are these mini versions of bigger, heavier styling wands, but the bright, happy colors of these wands combined with the colorful tropical carrying pouches (with yummy names like Apricot Plum, Lemonade, and Grapefruit) make these the cutest curlers you’ve ever seen! But just being cute doesn’t cut it when you’re looking for reliable hair help. So we tested ‘em, and they work great and get a BIG thumbs up! These are high-quality, salon-grade travel curlers that feature a tourmaline barrel for even heating and ionic technology to better protect your hair. There’s a lot of quality packed into these minis—and yes, they ARE small enough to fit into a purse or mini backpack! 


Bentoko packing cubes help to compress your clothes so you can be sure to squeeze in as much as you need AND have a super organized suitcase or backpack! Features include invisible 2-way zippers, mesh tops for breathability and visibility, extra side pockets, and top handles for easy grabbing or carrying separately. Each 6-piece set is available in fun colors, such as Magenta, Cobalt Blue, Parakeet Green, and Pineapple Yellow, so you might decide the inside of your luggage looks even better than the outside! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: OK, I’ll admit, I’m that person that both overpacks and packs at the last minute! So my suitcase is often an unorganized mess that becomes a huge source of frenzy as I scramble to find things on my trips. Then on a recent trip, I tried the Bentoko packing cubes and my life changed! With six (yes SIX) components to work with, I could now neatly organize everything into categories (shirts in one, undergarments in another, etc.) and the see-through mesh allowed me to see what’s in each cube without unzipping. And I loved the fact that the cubes have handles to carry separately; I used one cube during the trip to bring things I needed for the day (like a change of clothes or sweater for evening, etc.). These high-quality treasures will become your fave must-have travel companions!  


Aiden and Audrey make unique, stylish Fidget Rings that can help teens and tweens concentrate and relieve stress and anxiety in a discreet manner. These tarnish-resistant rings feature silver-plated or gold-plated bands, available in four different spiral designs, and come with your choice of beads that the wearer can spin around and slide up and down to give them something to do with their hands when feeling anxious. Handcrafted and made to order in the USA. (Note: Winner will be able to select design and ring size). MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: We wanted to include these in our Spring Break feature because travel can be stressful—but now with the current state of travel bans and health concerns, stress and anxiety can pop up in our daily lives. These unique rings offer a subtle and discreet way to help physically work through and release any stressful or overly-anxious feelings you’re having. We sampled the Silver Spiral Fidget Ring with a beautiful swirling design and rainbow-colored Czech Glass seed beads on each side of the spiral. It’s lightweight, yet very high-quality—I find myself “fidgeting” with it when making an important decision or experiencing a creative block, and it really does help! 


The Put Your Feelings Here Journal is a safe and creative space for teens and tweens to work through difficult emotions using 100 engaging and action-oriented prompts grounded in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). With this journal, you’ll find 100 new ways to release, reduce, and manage intense emotions in the moment so you can feel balanced, calm, and happy again. Using these fun prompts, you’ll learn how to express yourself creatively through writing, art, and more to help you balance your emotions, deal with difficult experiences, and just be yourself! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Are you experiencing confusion, anger, fear, sadness, frustration, or anxiety (maybe from having to cancel plans for Spring Break or possible school closings)? Not sure how to deal with some of the emotions you’re having? This journal offers fun and creative, yet powerful and effective, ways to help teens and tweens manage and comfortably work through challenging emotions. The exercises are very simple to do, yet are thought-provoking and even quite soothing (which is very much needed when emotions are intense). Take the extra time you have during your time off to do some inner work to help build your understanding of your emotions and learn tools to effectively manage them in the future! 


Say goodbye to old-fashioned heating blankets that are clunky, inconvenient, and keep you on a 6-foot leash, and say hello to The Cozee Heating Blanket, the first 100% portable, battery-powered NEW way to stay warm! Simply charge the battery pack to get more than 5 hours of continuous heat—plus the battery pack features two USB ports so you can charge your mobile devices no matter where you are! The weather and water-resistant exterior of The Cozee is designed to withstand the wind, snow, and even light rain, so you can take it with you wherever you go! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Meet my new BFF … The Cozee! I’ve always loved heated blankets (who doesn’t, right?) but stopped using electric blankets when I had concerns about the dangers of the EMF (electromagnetic fields) that they emit that can interfere with sleep and cause health issues (like affect your immune system or even promote certain cancers, yikes!). So you can imagine how excited I was to find a battery-powered heating blanket! Between the heat and the micro-fleece interior, it really is COZEE! It’s perfect for chilling if you’re doing a home-based “staycation” this Spring Break (curled up with a good book or movie)—and imagine taking it on a road trip (you can charge the battery in your car with the included car charger!); you’ll be so comfy and  COZEE you’ll never ask “Are we there yet?” again! 


We use smartphones and other devices daily yet how often do we clean them? HÄNS Swipe-Clean is a compact antimicrobial cleaner and polishing solution for electronic screens that cleans hundreds of times before needing a refill. The Cleaning Side comes filled with HÄNS’ All-Tech Cleaning Solution that breaks apart and eliminates grime, grease, dirt, and oils where bacteria and germs live and multiply, and the Polishing Side has a removable and rewrap-able microfiber cloth that is antimicrobial and safe for all screen types. Swipe. Flip. Swipe. Done! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: It’s a not-so-fun fact that our cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats—yuck! With current health concerns, it’s very important to keep our screens clean and free of bacteria (including public touch screens!) so we can stay healthy. This dual-sided cleaner is SO convenient and easy to use—and it’s lightweight, leak-proof, and compact enough to carry with you in your backpack, purse, or pocket—so using it can (and should!) become a part of your daily routine to keep nasty germs away. Fingerprints and grime disappear, you can actually FEEL your screen is cleaner. We also love that it’s refillable and eco-friendly; in fact, over the last four years, users of HÄNS have kept over 5.5 million single-use wipes from being used and ending up in landfills. Definitely a win-win for all! 


The adorable UBER CHILL mini refrigerator makes it possible to chill or keep warm whatever your heart desires in every space imaginable, from bedrooms to vehicles! The sleek and highly functional design features heating and cooling options to keep contents cool or hot. Utilizing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly thermo-electric Peltier Technology, Uber Chill is capable of cooling or warming within a reasonable amount of time, cooling down to 32o F and warming up to 150o F. Compact and weighing around three pounds, this 4-liter mini personal fridge holds up to six 12-ounce cans or four 500-milliliter bottles. Each mini fridge includes a built-in AC/DC transformer and two cords: one for home outlets and one for a 12-volt car cigarette lighter. Keep your food warm now and your drinks cold for later! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: I love road trips, but don’t love the junk food along the way, so I often pack healthy snacks (like sliced veggies and fruit, cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc.) that require refrigeration. But coolers can be such a hassle with refilling and leaking ice, etc., so these lightweight portable mini fridges are a blessing! Included is both an outlet cord and a car charger cord, so it’s super easy to take from car to hotel room to keep things cold. It even heats up well for those on-the-road leftovers! It’s also perfect for medications or beauty products you need to keep chilled, plus to keep plastic water bottles cool so they don’t overheat in a parked car (toxins from heated plastic can leach into the water!). And while you’re waiting for your next road trip, you can keep it in your bedroom or family room to keep veggies and other healthy snacks handy (hint, hint!)


Don’t spread it, seal it, and Tossits! Chuck those icky, germ-y tissues with the convenience of these trash bags that fit around the headrest of your car or hang anywhere in your house. When the bag gets full, just tear it off the pack, seal it by removing the adhesive strip, and toss it away! Featuring a bungee for hanging and a sturdy header board that holds a multi-pack of seven thick bags made from 100% recycled plastic—they are leak-proof and smell-proof too!  MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: What a great idea—especially since most people don’t think to bring trash bags in the car with them. By putting the Tossits around the headrest in your car, you have a trash bag handy whenever you need it. I especially like this idea during these times when we have to be super careful about spreading germs—now you’ll have a convenient place to put those hand wipes while you’re in the car or those used tissues while you’re at home!


Real flowers may wilt away, but with these Takobia exquisite flower-shape post earrings, you’ll have them forever! These unique fashion earrings are designed by hand-etching on lightweight iron, brass, or zinc alloy. Each piece is then silver plated and electro-coated to seal and protect the finish. They feature a tarnish-resistant coating with high quality sterling silver posts. Cleaning or polishing is unnecessary. All metals, plating, and coating finishes are free of lead, nickel, and cadmium. (To protect the finish, avoid wearing in water.) MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: These beautiful floral earrings are perfect for a tropical vacation, but if you’re unable to get to the tropics, they will bring the tropics to you! With their high-quality, classic brushed silver finish, they’ll go with everything, especially since they are “not too big, and not too small”. The design is unique and so pretty (get ready for the compliments!) and they may become your fave go-to earrings! And something else that’s cool about these? Takobia supports the Seeds of Peace International Camp, which prepares new generations of leaders from regions of conflict with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace! 


No longer do you have to tug on your delicate skin and lashes with makeup wipes to remove makeup! Makeup Melt by VIKE Beauty provides a solution to removing makeup the easy way: spray, melt, rinse! Infused with eucalyptus + tea scent, exotic flower and fruit extract, this gentle oil-free remover spray not only provides instant breakdown of makeup easily without oils left behind like other removers, but it nourishes your skin every time you use it. You’ll no longer dread removing your makeup! Sprays available in 6.7-ounce size or .5-ounce travel size 3-pack. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Coconut oil has been my go-to makeup remover, and even though it works well, it can leave my skin and lashes greasy for a while and it’s not always convenient to use. That’s why Makeup Melt is great, especially to remove eye makeup (like mascara!). The spray is super convenient to use (be sure to close your eyes when using), and it literally does melt off makeup (thus the name!) just like coconut oil does—only without the greasy after-feel. And with yummy key ingredients like grapefruit, cucumber, moringa, and passionflower that offer antioxidant nutrients and skin-conditioning benefits, you may not actually be going to the tropics, but you’ll certainly feel like you’re there! 


Make your memorable pictures into reStickable photos with reStickity! These are re-stickable photos printed on a durable, surface-friendly, easy-to-display, peel and stick fabric adhesive material. They can be peeled off and moved over and over again without any damage to the photo or surface. They literally stick to anything; wood, metal, glass, fabric, painted plastic, cinder block walls…now you can place and enjoy cherished photos wherever your heart desires!  MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Do you have a refrigerator filled with magnet-held photos that slide around or fall off when door is opened or closed? Or maybe you want to put photos on your bedroom wall but your parents say no to tape that leaves a sticky mark or nails/tacks that put holes in the wall? Then the reStickity is for you! We were VERY impressed with the quality of the photo with these, as well as how effectively they stick—and then REstick—to things! Rather than messy-looking arrays of random photos, you can make tidy and organized collages of your fave photos that almost look like artwork! You can even turn images of your fave inspiring quotes into a reStickity and will find all kinds of places to put them: your locker, water bottle, bathroom mirror, laptop—they’ll stick anywhere! Plus we love that they were invented by a mother-daughter duo. We highly recommend keeping your precious memories precious the reStickity way!  


COCOOIL After Sun Lime Coconut Oil helps in the relief and repair of sunburn or UV exposure, while hydrating your skin from head to toe. Aloe vera extract helps to soften and naturally soothe skin with powerful antioxidants, while the subtle uplifting aroma of lime oil leaves the senses delighted. Use after sun exposure, as an enriching body oil, or daily moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Made in Australia. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: As someone who loves being in the sun, I’m always on the lookout for a good after-sun moisturizer—so leave it to the Australians to make one! I love the combination of nourishing natural ingredients: coconut oil (that is organic, cold-pressed, and ethically sourced and certified fair trade from the Pacific islands—all good things!), aloe vera extract, botanical oils, and lime oil for a refreshing citrus scent. Unlike some after-sun oils that leave you greasy, this lightweight oil absorbs well, leaving behind soft, silky, and NOT-greasy skin. But you don’t have to have been overexposed in the sun to use this; it also makes a great daily moisturizer for dry skin! 


Whether you’re in aligners, braces, or just looking to keep your smile pearly, regular use of WhitenFresh by EverSmile not only freshens your breath but can help your smile be its best and brightest! The low 3.8% hydrogen peroxide formula spray can be used daily or several times a day to build up a whitening effect over time without risk of increased sensitivity (and much less costly than professional whitening products). Unlike other sprays that simply mask the odor, EverSmile’s hydrogen peroxide formula targets odor-causing molecules, the underlying cause of bad breath, in one single spray. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Who doesn’t like to have fresh breath and a bright smile? WhitenFresh makes it easy (really easy) to have both! You don’t need trays or brushes; you simply spray in your mouth, use your tongue to spread it on your teeth, and swish for 5-20 seconds. It’s perfect for at home or on-the-go after eating to break up staining agents before they have a chance to set in to your teeth. The whitening process begins immediately, with visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily use—we’re trying it now and will report back! 

Remember, if you have our Girls Empowerment Membership, you can WIN these products in our giveaways! You’ll find all info in the MEMBERS section of our BYOU Magazine app! Not yet a member? CLICK HERE to order your annual membership for only $19.99, it also makes a great gift that will build confidence and empower a girl all year long!

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Look for our Earth Day Guide and Giveaways coming in April!

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