Disney’s Rowan Blanchard is BYOU Magazine’s Fall 2014 Cover Star!


BYOU Magazine Fall 2014

Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard is the cover story for the BYOU Magazine Fall 2014 issue themed “Positive Friendships”. In this exclusive interview with Rowan, she shares the scoop on her new show, talks about how to overcome insecurities, and offers great advice on what to look for in a friend. She and her BFF on the show and in real life, Sabrina Carpenter, give an insider peek at friendship and share tips on how to have positive friendships. This issue is packed-full of anti-bullying articles in honor of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. Plus you get two inspiring mini-posters of Rowan! Look for it on newsstands beginning October 1 or download it FREE today (see below)!

Here’s an excerpt from Rowan Blanchard in her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine: “A positive friendship is one where you don’t have to talk about other people to feel better about yourselves. In a best friend relationship, you can keep each other grounded in that way and set a reputation for other girls; you wouldn’t want other girls gossiping about you so don’t gossip about them. In a friendship, you have to encourage each other to love yourself. That’s something my friends do [for me] and something I encourage all of my friends to do [for themselves]. Loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing to a healthy friendship.”

To see a behind-the-scenes video of Rowan’s photo shoot from our friends at Fanlala, click here!

This issue is packed cover-to-cover with positive messages, helpful advice from your fave stars, fun stuff to do, and more! Here’s what else you’ll find:

  • “You Deserve Positive Friendships” – Use our Friendship Tester to find out if your friendship is good for you! Plus how to deal with friends that suck your positive energy.
  • “Positive vs. Toxic Friendships” – An exclusive interview with Disney XD Kirby Buckets stars Olivia Stuck and Tiffany Espensen discuss how to know if a friendship is toxic.
  • Ask the Stars: Dealing with jealous people who judge you negatively – Advice from Olivia Holt, Kelli Berglund, Ashley Argosa, Amber Montana, and more of your fave celebs!
  • QUIZ: Are YOU Making the Grade as a Good Friend?
  • “The Anti-Mean Girls” – See what these teens are doing to help put an end to bullying!
  • “Reasons Why NOT to Cyberbully” – Cyberbullying is dangerous for the victim AND the bully; here’s help for both!
  • Real Girls Tell Us: What’s the best way to deal with mean girls?
  • “When Girls Support Girls” – Change the world by supporting other girls, not competing…here’s how!
  • Outer and inner beauty tips, empowering fiction, crafts, recipes, puzzles, jokes, free giveaways, and so much more!
  • PLUS, your chance to apply to be in BYOU Magazine!!

Want BYOU Magazine delivered right to your home? Order your print subscription for only $17.97/year to get 6 colorful and empowering issues, plus you get a digital subscription FREE with your print subscription! CLICK HERE to order your print subscription today!


Rowan’s cover photo by Cindy Quick – CindyQuickPhotography.com

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