Mom Blogger Review: BYOU Magazine Offers Girls So Much!

Mom blogger, Amanda from One Momma Saving Money, recently did a review of BYOU Magazine and has some kind words to share! One Momma Saving Money’s website is solely dedicated to helping moms, dads, aunts, grandparents, and more save money; from movies to magazines she has it all. Visit her website to check out her review on BYOU Magazine and other reviews on family-related products.

Here’s what Amanda at One Momma Saving Money had to say about BYOU Magazine:

Your daughter may get a lot of “things” for her birthday or even in the upcoming Easter basket.  Why not inspire your daughter with a gift that will provide her with tools to guide her through the tough times and empower her for a lifetime – the priceless gift of self-esteem and self-love. A subscription to BYOU will help your daughter learn it is okay to be herself and connect with others like her...because every girl deserves healthy self-esteem!

My daughter received a copy of this magazine last summer and still rereads the articles.  [The recent issue] is dedicated to the importance of honoring your body with good health and self-care, and respecting yourself with self-love and acceptance.  This is so important for young girls to hear, read and see.  My daughter has  a friend struggling with an eating disorder and we keep reinforcing that you have to honor your body and being healthy   Positive self-esteem develops when a girl is healthy in all ways—in mind, body, and spirit.

BYOU’s goal is to reinforce positive messaging for tween/teen girls, promote self-love, and offer fun, inspiring & healthy ways to build self-esteemBYOU Magazine regularly features: 

  • Exclusive interviews with positive role-model teen/tween celebrities
  • Inspiring stories of “Girls Making a Difference” – real girls making an impact to create a better world
  • Powerful articles on self-love, bullying, positive thinking, body image, empowerment, inner beauty, andhelpful self-esteem tips
  • Empowering craft projects & activities, plus fun puzzles, quizzes, jokes, recipes, photos, and more
  • Inspirational fiction – snippets and artwork from girl-world authors
  • Multiple opportunities for readers to submit articles, tips, photos, and chances to be featured as a positive role model for other girls
  • Contests, Games, Giveaways, and much more!

BYOU Mag offers so much for girls. It features helpful and encouraging self-esteem advice; lots of uplifting messaging that lets them know it’s OK to B-YOU. It even has tips from positive real-girl and celebrity role models. This magazine is so empowering for our girls. It is full of inspiration, I love that it talks about eating healthy, being healthy and just being you.  Other magazines talk about make-up, how to get the guy, features skimpy clothing, etc.  This is not like that at all; it empowers our youth!

Give a gift that will guide a girl year around through the tough times and empower her for a lifetime – the priceless gift of self-esteem! Why not order your daughter a subscription to this empowering magazine!


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Thank you, Amanda, for taking the time to review BYOU Magazine and giving your kind words about our publication!

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