B-smart_GirlSmart is Cool! Some girls "dumb down" because they think being smart is uncool - but we are here to tell you that SMART is the only cool that lasts! Friends will come and go, and looks are only surface, but your education and your smarts stay with you your whole life! B-SMART!

So in each issue of BYOU Magazine, we give you lots of opportunities to exercise your brain with our B-SMART puzzles!

TELL US! What are some of your fave B-SMART puzzles? Do you have an idea for something new? We'd love to hear your comments below!

Below you'll find the answers to all the puzzles featured in BYOU Magazine issues! Just click the "Reveal..."  

Goodness Spot the Difference Answer Key

Reveal 2017 Goodness Spot the Difference Answers!

Honor Your Body B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Fall 016 B-Smart Answers!

Be Yourself B-Smart Answer Key 

Reveal May / June 2016 Answers!

Gratitude B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal December / January 2016 Answers

Girl Power B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal September / October 2015 Answers!

Dream Big B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Summer 2015 Answers!

B-Healthy B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Spring 2015 Answers!

Positive Thinking B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Winter 2015 Answers!

Inner Beauty B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Holiday 2014 B-Smart Answers!

Positive Friendships B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Fall 2014 B-Smart Answers!

Be Smart! B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Back to School 2014 Answers!

B-Silly B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal May / June 2014 Answers!

Sisterhood B-Smart Answer Key 

Reveal March / April 2014 Answers!

Do-Gooder B-Smart Answer Key 

Reveal January / February 2014 Answers!

B-Kind B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal November / December 2013 Answers!

Back-to-School B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal August/September 2013 Answers!


Friendships B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal June/July 2013 Answers!

B-Happy B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal April/May 2013 Answers!

February/March 2013 B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Feb/March 2013 Answers!

December / January 2013 B-Smart Answer Key

Reveal Dec/Jan 2013 Answers

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TELL US! What are some of your fave B-SMART puzzles? Do you have an idea for something new? We'd love to hear your comments below!


  1. I think this magazine rocks. My daughter learned a lot about being kind to animals.

  2. yes this is my first one that i figured out!!!!!!! yay

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