It’s World Recycle Week…Let’s Protect Our Earth!


Going about our busy lives, we may not realize that the earth we dwell upon is just as alive as we are. Our great Mother Earth takes very good care of us, yet do we ever stop to consider if we are taking care of her? How physically healthy do you think our earth is? How emotionally healthy? This is World Recycle Week (and Earth Day is April 22), so we’d like you to consider…

If you were Mother Earth, would you feel healthy if:

  • Your land was littered with plastic bottles, cans, Styrofoam, papers, candy wrappers, deflated balloons, cigarette butts, and gum?
  • Your rivers and lakes were polluted by waste being dumped into them?
  • Your air was polluted with toxins from cars, buses, factories, and more?
  • Your trees were cropped down because people didn’t recycle paper?
  • Your food supply was being artificially altered and genetically-modified?
  • Your inhabitants rarely looked up from their electronic devices and television screens to appreciate your natural beauty?

Protect our EarthHow healthy are your habits towards Mother Earth? Do you litter? Do you pick up the litter you see? Do you recycle plastics, cans, and paper? Do you conserve water? Do you notice the beauty around you?

Every day, our earth blesses us with her beauty and care…isn’t it time we give back?


YOU can help protect our earth, each and every day! You can…

Protect Our Earth• Pick up litter as you see it. Even better…Organize a litter-drive—a group covers more ground!

• Recycle your cans, plastic, glass, and paper. Even better…Persuade your friends and family to recycle too.

• Turn off water when brushing your teeth. Even better…Make your shower time shorter.

• Carpool with friends when possible. Even better…Take public transportation like buses and rail systems.

• Reuse water bottles and plastic containers. Even better…Refuse to buy products sold in plastic.

• Spend time in nature appreciating its beauty. Even better…Share your nature photos on social media rather than another selfie.

• Educate friends about environmentalism. Even better…Become an active advocate to make global changes!

How Eco-Friendly Are You? TAKE OUR QUIZ!


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