Having Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution? Here’s Help!

Sure, your intentions were great around the turn of the new year and you were excited to make a positive change (or maybe changes) in your life. But what happened? May you got busy, lazy, or just plain forgot, but your move to create a better you in 2020 isn’t happening …can you relate?

Don’t fret! There are no hard rules for WHEN you should make positive changes, the idea is that you actually DO. So any time is a good time get rid of a bad habit and instill a better one!

Here are tips to help you to be the BEST YOU in 2020!

Portrait of a 7 years old girl cutting vegetables in kitchen at1. Make small changes at a time

If your resolution is to be a healthier you, then make little changes from week to week. Swap out white bread for whole wheat bread, have an apple after school instead of ice cream, take the stairs instead of the elevator at the mall, or try a different workout that you haven’t done before. Slowly but surely you’ll make the bigger changes!

2. Cheer yourself up!

If you’re feeling down about your resolution, do something that makes you happy! Watch a funny movie or hang out with your BFF. When you’re happier, you’re more likely to work harder at your resolution.

3. Accept mistakes

We all make mistakes and it’s OK to mess up a couple times. No one is perfect, so when you make a mistake or don’t stick to your resolution for a week, brush it off. Cheer yourself up, and get back at it!

4. Celebrate your success!

When you have a really good week or even a really good day, treat yourself! You should always reward yourself for your achievements. Whether you indulge in a sweet treat or maybe invite your gal pals over for a sleep over, always remember to celebrate your successes.

Sticky Believe In Yourself5. Remind yourself 

It’s a busy new year, so there might be times where you forget about your resolution. Write yourself reminders where you know you’ll see them. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or write a reminder in your school agenda. Also try writing encouraging words to yourself like “You can do it,” or “I will achieve my resolution!”

6. Try a short-term resolution

365 days is a LONG time! Cut that resolution time in half and give it a try for 6 months … or maybe 6 weeks (that’s about how long it takes to create a new habit). It’s your resolution so make it as long or as short as you want.

7. Track your progress

Keep a journal about the ups and downs of your resolution. You can keep reminders, words of encouragement, and your thoughts about your resolution goal.

8. Be your own role model 

Always remember to be the person YOU want to be. Never try to change yourself because someone else wants you to change. Be your own role model, and you’ll feel proud of who you are so you can be the best YOU in 2020!

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