Tips and Crafts to Honor Your Besties!


Happy TeensIf you didn’t know, today is National Best Friends Day! What is today all about? It’s just what you think. Today is about appreciating your best friend for everything she or he does for you. Life wouldn’t be the same without your BFF by your side laughing, talking and even picking you up when you’re down. We love days like this because they bring more positivity to the world, which is exactly our mission at BYOU Magazine!

Take the time to thank your best friends for everything they do. Make them a card, go out for some fro-yo, create some friendship bracelets together, or just tell each other stories about your favorite times with one another. Whichever way you pick to show your best friends how much you love them, share how special they are to you and that their friendship is important. If you have a friend that lives far away, rather than just sending a text, why not pick up the phone and talk? Phones can be used for talking too (LOL) and it’s so much more personal!

Best friends enjoying a sunny dayBest Friend TIPS:

  • Listen to them. Your BFFs knows you better than anyone. If they have some advice, even if you don’t agree with it, listen to them.
  • Cheer them up. If they are having a bad day try to make them laugh. Laughing with your BFFs is so much fun!
  • Stick together. Two is better than one. You have your best friend to lean on and they have you to lean on.
  • Click here for more tips on what makes a great friend!

National Best Friends Day is a fun way to show your best friends you care about them. How are you going to show your BFF you care? How about with a friendship craft? Check out our DIY friendship crafts:

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