BYOU Magazine Exclusive: How to Have a Clear Mind by Vlogger, Meg DeAngelis

Having a clear mind helps you to not only feel better, but to do better in everything you put your mind to. In our Honor Your Body issue, YouTube vlogger Meg DeAngelis shares 10 tips exclusively for BYOU Magazine readers to be your best YOU! These are great tips to make sure you finish your school year strong and start off your summer on the right track.

  1. A clean room is a clean mind. Turn your room into your own personal oasis. Being organized will make learning more fun. Use weekends to organize your homework workspace, and make sure to keep up daily by hanging up clean clothes or putting dirty ones in your laundry hamper.
  2. Be prepared. Start your day peacefully. Be prepared by organizing your school supplies and outfit the night before to make sure your mornings are smooth and seamless. You can even pack your lunch the night before so you can just grab it and go after breakfast.
  3. Yoga is a great way to clear your mind; and you get in some exercise! Learn more here.

    Stretch! Waking up 10 minutes earlier to stretch and take a few deep breaths can change your attitude for the entire day, plus it feels amazing!

  4. Learn something new. Sign up for a fun elective, after-school class like choir or ceramics, or sign up for a new camp for the summer! Trying new things is a great way to keep every day interesting, and you may even discover a surprise talent or make a new friend.
  5. Spend time in the great outdoors. Summertime is almost here! Stay active by getting involved in a new activity or sport to help you unwind after a day at school. Try eating lunch outside, or if you live nearby your school, plan to walk there with a friend.
  6. Gear up for summer. Beat the final exam blues by bringing a special token from last summer to school (like a photo or souvenir from last year’s summer trip) and look at it if you need a boost during the day. Share fun memories with friends, and discuss what fun activities you have planned for this summer (and don’t forget to ask what your friends are doing too!)
  7. Make a new friend. Try sitting with a new group during lunch or invite someone you just met to sit with your group of friends. You might learn something new or may just meet your new bestie.
  8. Raise your hand in class. It can be hard to speak up in front of a group, but don’t be afraid to raise your hand to answer the teacher or ask a question. You’d be amazed at how many others are wondering the same thing and it might even stimulate an interesting conversation!
  9. Embrace change. Change can be hard, but remember that getting a new perspective can be fun, so embrace it with open arms. A lot can happen over the summer so be ready to face and accept the changes in yourself and those around you. (Are you going to a new school next year? Here are tips!)
  10. Be yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than you, so remember to just be yourself!

With over 5 million YouTube subscribers, Meg DeAngelis is a vlogging sensation known for her quirky videos. Meg was born in Canada, and spent some of her childhood in Europe, and now resides in California where acts, sings, makes videos, and hangs with her twin sister! Meg was the voice of ‘Moxie’ in Dreamworks’ animated film Trolls. 

Check out Meg’s YouTube Channel HERE! 

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