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Teen Actress Mandalynn Carlson Discusses the Power of Positive Thinking and Self-Love

Mandalynn CarlsonBYOU Magazine‘s Winter 2015 issue is all about positive thinking and self-love.  Teen actress Mandalynn Carlson wrote this piece for us about how much these topics mean to her:

Words have power in your life, even when they are silent—like thoughts. One of the most important things I pay attention to each day are my thoughts. You have the power to influence what will happen in your life by the way you handle the things already present. How you react today affects your tomorrows. If you think about yourself in a negative way, that is how you are going to come off to other people. If you think of yourself in a positive way and love who you are, everyone else will too. How you act is how you feel; and how you feel is how you think.

Fill your heart and mind with good thoughts and good things will happen.

If you go through life with a smile and thinking positively about yourself and others (and the things being thrown at you), people will see that you are a confident and beautiful human being. There is nothing more beautiful than self-confidence (topped off with a smile)! Think every day, “I am a beautiful person and I am put on this earth for a purpose.”

Insecurity is our worst enemy growing up, and it shouldn’t have to be. Genuine self-love is something very special and it’s not being conceited. You have a right to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to? If you wake up everyday with positive thoughts in your head and say to yourself, “I am beautiful”, I guarantee that other people will think so, too. But you can’t fake it. The only people who believe fakes are other fakes.

I believe wholeheartedly that you can think yourself beautiful. Here is a daily exercise: Write down five positive things about yourself, both physically and non-physically, and then read them silently to yourself every morning with a smile on your face (because they are true!). Then read them aloud so your mind and body hear those words.

Start by listing five positive, uplifting thoughts. Create new statements each day or repeat your favorites from the day before. Here are some of my favorites!

  • My smile will show my beauty to others and today I will give my smile away freely.
  • My body is beautiful because I was created perfect.
  • I look awesome today and I will walk through my day knowing it.
  • I can handle everything I meet today—be it school, people, or problems—because I am strong and independent.
  • I will impact someone else today with compliments and good thoughts.

Do this every day to be your most beautiful inside-and-out self…so you can truly be BYOUtiful and B-You!

Mandalynn Carlson is a 15-year-old actor with over 20 film & TV credits, stand-up comedian, radio personality, budding writer/director, and a two-time Young Artist Award Nominee.

The Winter 2015 issue of BYOU Magazine is all about self-love and positive thinking because it’s important to have both self-love and positive thoughts that lead to positive actions! For more tips on spreading love and positivity, check out the Winter 2015 issue of BYOU Magazine with cover star Kelli Berglund. Download it today when you install the free BYOU Magazine app on iTunes, Android, or Amazon!


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