It’s Make Your Dreams Come True Day! Here’s How!


BYOU COVER_SUM15_PIPER CURDA_FINAL NoUPCIt’s a new year, and if you’re like most people, chances are you’ve made a list of goals for the upcoming year. It’s now the second week of January–how are you doing on those goals? If you have been procrastinating on fulfilling your big or small dreams, January 13 is your chance to get things on the right track because it’s Make Your Dreams Come True Day! (BTW, you’ll also want to read our blog post “How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions”!)

Dreams are a part of life, and we all have them. It’s what you do to achieve them that matters most. Do you ever look at a girl who is well-known for something, like a celebrity or athlete, or a girl who is doing something great in the world or even another girl at school, and think, “She’s so lucky. I wish I was her”? And then maybe you even feel like you are not good enough, or a bit sorry for yourself?

The reason this happens is because, within you, is a seed to do something great, and it’s nudging you, wanting to blossom into the world. How cool is that? We are all here to do great things in our own unique way, whether it’s in a quiet and subtle way or in a loud and grand way. Becoming your greatest means that you become the best possible YOU by following your passions and dreams. What is it that makes you unique? What is inside of you that is wanting to blossom?

Make Your Dreams Come True Day is the perfect time to explore your dreams and to begin taking steps to follow them. First, sit down and make a list of your goals and dreams. Then give thought to the steps you need to do to achieve those dreams (check out our tips below!). The more you challenge yourself, the more your self-esteem grows! You’re blossoming and your self-esteem is growing…is there anything better than that?!  inspirational motivating quote from Napoleon Hil

Remember that success and making your dreams come true doesn’t just happen. Those “lucky” girls you envy started out right where you are. But instead of wishing for something they wanted, they proactively made it happen, by setting goals and working toward them step by step. Everything is possible when you believe your dreams can come true– and they CAN come true for you, so DREAM BIG!

Tips to Achieve Your BIG or Small Dreams:

  1. Talk to or read about someone who inspires you. Have you read about  girls just like you who are making a difference in the world? Be inspired by the ones we’ve featured in BYOU Magazine HERE or read about celebrities who are positive role models on BYOU Magazine’s celeb page!

  2. Make an inspiration board with words and images that relate to your dream(s). Here’s how to make a dream board. Or keep track of your inspirations in BYOU Magazine’s Gratitude Journal craft!
  3. Don’t get lazy! Have a good balance of work and rest. Being lazy when achieving your dreams is only hurting you by lowering your self-esteem.
  4. Don’t be afraid. Courage is not lack of fear, but facing the fear and taking action anyway to get where you want. Be courageous!
  5. Get rid of negativity. It’s impossible for a dream to come true with a negative attitude and negative people. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people. Believe you can do it and it will happen!Quote, inspirational poster, typographical background, vector ilDreams Big Cover(This is an excerpt from the DREAM BIG article by Debra Gano in the “Dream Big” issue of BYOU Magazine. To read entire article plus many more tips on how to make your dreams come true, you can read our DREAM BIG issue in the free BYOU Magazine app.)

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