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BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine is published by Heartlight Girls Publications, LLC


  1. Finally a magazine that supports my heart as well as my mind! Love love love the magazines message of finding our true beauty inside us all!

  2. Yesterday was my first time buying one of the BYOU magazines and I fell in love with it. My mom even said to me in the store ” stop reading it or you can’t buy it.” But I finished it today and I thought it was amazing

  3. i play woozworld my name is jennywoowooxoq

  4. Hey! It’s me and I would love to have a chat with all the woozens that play Woozworld!

  5. I’ve always wanted one of this but I can’t buy it 🙁
    But BYOU mag is really great!!!
    Almost all of my fave actress are on it <3 Pretty mmuch

  6. I love this magazine it is great for kids

  7. I Love BYou Magazine It’s Great I Love Story Gossip: I Love Fashion Style And Be Yourself

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! Would Abigale like to enter to be in our magazine in our “How do you shine your Heartlight bright” section? If so, she can submit her statement and (high res) smiling headshot to us at for a chance to be featured!

    Also, if you’d like to connect with us about your fundraiser, let us know! Debra Gano & BYOU Magazine supports them very much. And keep your ears open for our events with the military in Colorado in April, it’s very exciting!

  9. You can definitely order BYOU Magazine via Paypal! We just need to know the email your Paypal account is under to bill you, so you can email it to us at Would love to have you get a subscription in Australia!

  10. Charlotte smith

    Sorry I forgot to mention we live in australia

  11. Charlotte smith

    We would love to order your magazine but have no credit card. We do have paypal though are there any other options for us

  12. Hey, just wanted to leave a note of appreciation for Debra Gano. My Abigale brought home her Beauty’s Secret from the library and just loved the story so much I wanted to read it and I had the same reaction, so much I wanted to learn about the author. I see have BYOU availabe at Barnes and Noble where I will be coordinating a fundraiser in Aurora, CO so I will defintely pick up the lastest issue. My plans to give her the subscription for her birthday next month. We are a military family who just moved back to Colorado. Abi had to make new friends and so on and she loves to read. This book helped her tremendously with settling in. So again Thank will never know the priceless gift you have given my Abigale!
    Aiesha Morris

  13. Can’t wait to get our subscription! We have you like on Elayna’s Facebook page!

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