BYOU Exclusive: ‘Little Miss Perfect’ Film Brings Eating Disorder Awareness

Have you ever felt pressure to be perfect?

Little Miss Perfect Movie poster

Directed by Marlee Roberts and staring Karlee Roberts, “Little Miss Perfect” takes a deeper look at anorexia, and how to develop a more loving relationship with your body.

A new film, Little Miss Perfect, chronicles the life of 14-year-old Belle, an overambitious straight-A freshman and president of her class. Belle seems to have it all together, but as family trouble and daily social academic pressures grow, she seeks a way to control her chaotic world. Triggered by a blog promoting anorexia and other eating disorders, Belle drops down to an unhealthy weight that harms both her physical and emotional well-being.

Belle is played by Karlee Roberts, who you may remember as one of BYOU Magazine’s “Girls Making A Difference” a few years ago for her nationwide anti-bullying tour featuring her song Call Me Whatever. Today, Karlee is 17 and the youngest student at New York’s Columbia University, entering her junior year as a film student. She’s bringing attention to the important topic of eating disorders thanks to her older sister Marlee Roberts, a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Film & TV program. Marlee is the writer and director of Little Miss Perfect (her debut film), and the most impressive part? Marlee is only 23 year old!

In BYOU Magazine’s ‘Honor Your Body’ issue, our founder and editor-in-chief, Debra Gano, chatted with Marlee & Karlee Roberts about their new movie Little Miss Perfect. In this exclusive interview, the talented sister-duo offers valuable insight as to how to know if you have an unhealthy relationship with your body how to develop a more loving one. Marlee tells us, “When you obsess over your appearance so often that it begins to affect your daily life in a way that hinders you from doing what you love or need to do, it is a strong sign that you have an unhealthy relationship with your body.”

Below you’ll find the trailer for the film, an additional excerpt from our interview with the Roberts sisters, and more info…like where you can download and watch Little Miss Perfect! 

Check back in a few weeks as we release the entire BYOU Magazine interview with Marlee and Karlee Roberts here on our blog, PLUS video interviews with them from the Little Miss Perfect premiere!

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And we congratulate Karlee on her Young Artists Awards nomination for “Best Performance in a Digital TV Series or Film” for Wishing her much success at the awards show on March 17; look for the Young Artists Awards airing on PBS this spring!


Little Miss Perfect Trailer

An Exclusive Excerpt from Interview with
Marlee & Karlee Roberts

Little Miss Perfect Excerpt

To read the full exclusive interview, get your copy of the ‘Honor Your Body’ issue! Available for single issue purchase or download on the FREE BYOU Magazine App

Little Miss Perfect on iTunes

Little Miss Perfect is available for download on iTunes. CLICK HERE to rent or purchase the film for download right on your digital devices.

*Note: This film is Unrated. Please have parent/guardian permission before purchasing. 

For more information on Little Miss Perfect and how to arrange a screening, visit their website at


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