Congrats Kelli Berglund on New “Lab Rats Elite Force” Show!


Lab Rats Elite Force Cast

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BYOU Magazine advice columnist, Kelli Berglund, who has played Bree Davenport on the multi-season Disney XD show Lab Rats, must be excited because her show has joined forces with another popular Disney XD show, Mighty Med (see details below). In the new show, Lab Rats Elite Force, Kelli gets to work with her real-life buddy Paris Berelc. Even though Kelli  is excited about the new show, she said filming the last episode of Lab Rats Bionic Island  was emotional, “It [Lab Rats: Bionic Island] has a lot of sentimental value.”

Get excited Lab Rats fans, a new spin off-series, Lab Rats Elite Force, airs 8:30 (ET) tonight, March 2 on Disney XD!

Lab Rats Elite Force

In the new series premiere, “Bree” (Kelli Berglund) and “Chase” (William Brent), will join forces with Mighty Med’s “Kaz” (Bradley Steven Perry), “Oliver” (Jake Short), and “Skylar” (Paris Berelc) to create an elite force that combines bionic heroes and superheroes. The new team of five will learn to work together as they track down villains to protect the world.

Watch the New Series Trailer:


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  1. Hi Kelli can’t wait to watch the new episode Elite force =)

  2. hey kelli your my best disney star ever cant wait for Elite Force Love You

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