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kelli-berglund-cover-200x262You’ve read our exclusive interview in our Winter 2015 issue with this popular Disney XD Lab Rats star where she gives tons of great advice about having a positive attitude, but here are some more never-before-published Kelli Berglund Fun Facts that she also shared exclusively with BYOU Magazine!


Favorite movie – The Avengers: “It has inspired and motivated me a lot. It’s also helped me with my character on Lab Rats.”

Favorite musical artists – Ed Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, and One Direction: “Yes, I still like One Direction!”

Favorite food – Swiss Cheese Fondue: “When I go home on weekends, we like to have family dinners and one thing we do is make this. It’s been in my family for several generations. We dip broccoli, bread, whatever…it’s so yummy and I have so many amazing memories of sitting down with my family and laughing as we do this.”

Kelli BerglundMemorable moment on Lab Rats – Season 3 finale: “We were filming in an abandoned junkyard, it’s nothing like we had ever done before. We fight a bionic army (and have never done that before either), so not only was it cool for the story and show, but I’ve never done so much action sequences. I love being physical on the show, like doing flips, and being a a dancer I love being able to incorporate my agility into the show. That was a really cool opportunity. For this episode, I got to fight Ashley Argota (who was in the movie How To Build a Better Boy with me and we are always playing rivals – she’s actually the sweetest thing in the world!), and a bunch of other bionic kids. I did this really cool move with Spencer Boldman (who plays Adam) – with his super strength he lifts me up in the air and with my super speed I kick them all down. The special effect was so much fun to do!”

All the special effects on Lab Rats – “At first it was so weird. On the first episode I felt stupid because we had to pretend; it’s a green screen and we had to pretend to fight a monster that wasn’t really there. We’ve all have to learn how to use our imagination and pretend, not only memorize and deliver our lines, but also do special effects. Like my super speed; I’m not actually running fast, but then you realize that it’s actually going to be super cool and you get the hang of it after a while. I will always be able to pretend to act since being on Lab Rats!”

Future goals – “Go to college and study film and expand my knowledge on that – producing, how the whole biz works, etc. I also love US history so I would totally minor that. I don’t know how I’d use it, maybe if I did a film period piece that takes place in the 1800s from centuries ago. I’d love to be on the ‘big’ screen [movies] starring as a confident leading lady, sort of like Bree is in Lab Rats. I also see myself starring in a cute romantic comedy that everyone can go see, you know, a feel good movie. I love that, good script with good actors. Also doing a dance movie, which incorporates both dance and acting which are two of my absolute passions and loves, that would be a dream come true. I definitely don’t want to stop acting any time soon, if ever. Acting is something you can do forever!”

Sharing a secret – “Being a normal girl, having normal days, and maintaining a normal life is so important to me. It’s never been more important to me. Being on a TV show and in the public eye has kind of robbed that from me a little bit. I’ve had so many conversations with my mom, dad, and friends about this. My family has kept me grounded, I dedicate it all to my family. My parents are so awesome and when I was younger I could not understand why they were so strict with me but honestly it has helped me become the person I am.  I want to be the same mom that my mom was to me and I want to have a family like my parents have raised. They have taught me to be a nice kind person genuinely and not just put on an act because it will get you so far.” (click here to watch Kelli’s video with her mom)

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