Kelli Berglund: New BYOU Magazine Cover & Advice Column for Girls!


Kelli Berglund BYOU Magazine cover 2015For our “Positive Thinking” issue, we selected Kelli Berglund, star of Disney XD’s Lab Rats and the Disney Channel Original Movie How To Build A Better Boy, as our cover story because we knew she would have great advice on this topic!

Ever since we featured Kelli as our cover story almost two years ago (March/April ’13), she has regularly offered great tips and advice for our readers in many of our issues…and that’s why we are also excited to announce that Kelli Berglund will now have her own advice column for girls in upcoming issues of BYOU Magazine! Got a girl-world question for Kelli? Submit it HERE and see if it gets answered in future issues!

In her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine, Kelli shares plenty of stories and tips about the importance of thinking positive (and HOW to stay positive) along with chatting about her inspiration to offer empowering advice to girls. Plus, you’ll love the free mini-posters of her in this issue!

Download a digital copy for only $2.99 when you install the free BYOU Magazine app on iTunes, Android, or Amazon!

Here’s what else you’ll find in BYOU Magazine’s “Positive Thinking” issue:

  • “Ask The Stars” advice from the stars of Disney’s I Didn’t Do It and Kirby Buckets
  • How to be a positive thinker and have the life of your dreams!
  • Exclusive interview with actress Bailee Madison about her new Hallmark series Good Witch
  • Read about how the girl who lost all her hair in middle school now loves her life!
  • Quizzes: Introvert or Extrovert? Optimist or Pessimist? Test yourself!
  • Find out how to join our empowered #selfie fun!
  • Mistakes: How do YOU deal with them? Here’s how to survive – and shine!
  • Can you THINK yourself beautiful? Find out how!
  • Exclusive interview with Great Big World‘s Elizabeth Stanton
  • Real girls sharing real stories, advice, and tips
  • How to empower your way through embarrassing situations
  • Honoring Extraordinary women for Black History month
  • Beauty tips to shine your outer and inner beauty
  • How YOU can be in the next issue of BYOU Magazine!
  • Free giveaways, puzzles, crafts, projects, fiction, jokes and more!

Don’t miss out on all the fun and empowering upcoming issues; order your subscription today delivered right to your mailbox for only $17.97/yr…that’s 25% off newsstand price!! Or try a free trial digital subscription when you install the free BYOU Magazine app on iTunes, Android, or Amazon!

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  3. How do I cheer up a friend that has been rejected a lot and is heartbroken

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