Katherine McNamara Stars in Anti-Bullying Movie “Contest”


Katherine McNamara in ContestTeen actress Katherine McNamara, who writes BYOU Magazine‘s empowering column Kat’s Korner, stars in the anti-bullying movie Contest, also starring Kenton Duty (Shake It Up!) and Daniel Flaherty (The Americans). The movie premieres Sunday, October 6, and again on Sunday, October 20, on Cartoon Network, in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month (October) and Cartoon Network’s commitment to bullying prevention through its Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative.

Katherine McNamara, who is a celebrity ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying, wrote and sang Chatter, a song about bullying and how words can hurt, for the movie soundtrack! Check this out…

Blue Shirt Day - Stomp Out Bullying _ Katherine McNamara

As an ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying, Katherine encourages everyone to participate in BLUE SHIRT DAY on October 7 by wearing a blue shirt to bring awareness to bullying prevention!

Kat is a passionate anti-bullying advocate, so it seems ideal for her to star in a film that brings awareness to this topic. Contest is a story about a

bully who learns to appreciate and understand others not like himself, and a victim who accepts that true friendship can result from unlikely circumstances.

“CONTEST is the story of courage—that speaking up is what you do when faced with bullying, and there are friends, expected and unexpected, who stand by you, ready to help,” says Alice Cahn, Cartoon Network vice president of social responsibility. “That’s also what our Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign is all about, and we’re delighted to have CONTEST join us in this mission.”

The television premiere event will be followed immediately with a live online Q&A at StopBullyingSpeakUp.com with author and family expert Rosalind Wiseman (Masterminds & Wingmen, Queen Bees & Wannabes) to discuss issues presented within the film, and recommendations on how kids, parents and educators can most effectively address bullying in their own schools & neighborhoods.

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And look for her song Chatter on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/contest-original-motion-picture/id712568824.


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