International Women’s Day: Celebrating and Empowering Women

What courageous women inspire you? Today is International Women’s Day, celebrated every March during Women’s History Month, to celebrate and honor the women who have shaped history (though it’s always time for that)! International Women’s Day exists to both reflect on the struggles women have overcome and the progress that still needs to be made.

Even though much progress has been made throughout women’s history, women still face discrimination throughout the world in a variety of ways, including workplace discrimination and lower wages.

This day is recognized globally and aims to direct more attention to  women’s rights, celebrating women’s achievements, and recognizing that there is still more to achieve.  Can you picture a world where all women are empowered?

Being empowered as a female doesn’t mean you should become more masculine, it means you honor who you are — and that is a strong female who stands up for herself and others for what is right, while still maintaining the powerful feminine qualities of compassion, peace, kindness, and love. When females are empowered in this way, the world is empowered!

Celebrating Our Founder, Debra Gano

International Women’s Day is a time to look at the progress made and to celebrate acts of courage by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. This International Women’s Day, BYOU Magazine would like to celebrate our Founder, Debra Gano, whose courage and tenacity has helped inspire and empower girls (and women) around the world.

IWD Debra Gano

BYOU Magazine Founder Debra Gano

Determined to bring more positive and empowering messages to girls in a society dominated by negativity and female dis-empowerment, Debra launched BYOU Magazine/Heartlight Girls Publications on her own as a single mom of a tween daughter. Facing numerous challenges, burdened with a tremendous work load, and overcoming the odds that new businesses face, the insight and hard work of Debra Gano has touched the lives of girls women all around the world. Kudos, and thank you, Debra Gano for being an inspiration to all! Read Debra’s full story.

Who Inspires YOU?

Who inspires you? Tell us in the comment section below!

Think about the girls and women who have inspired you. What did they do that you found so empowering, and what can you do to empower even more people?

Everyone can make a difference. By celebrating and empowering girls and women, we can change the world!


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