Exclusive: The Inside Scoop on Teen Beach 2!



BYOU Magazine caught up with a few of the Teen Beach 2 stars on the red carpet at this year’s RDMAs, and they give us the scoop on what it was like filming this fun Disney Channel Original Movie sequel that premieres Friday, June 26 at 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel!

Check out this EXCLUSIVE video where Mollee Gray (‘Giggles’) and Jordan Fisher (‘Seacat’) spill some secrets to BYOU Magazine about the new movie here:

If you don’t know what the new sequel is all about:

“Teen Beach 2” is a fantastical music- and dance-driven story designed for kids, tweens and families! “Teen Beach 2″ picks up at the close of summer. With surf season over and high school back in session, laid-back Brady and studious Mack’s relationship is headed for a wipeout when they receive a surprise real-world visit from their 1960s silver screen friends, Lela and Tanner, who have remarkably departed “Wet Side Story,” quickly followed by their 1960s bikers and surfer friends led by Butchy, Cheechee and Seacat. Knowing first-hand that the “real” world and the movie world don’t mix, Mack, Brady and all of the “Wet Side Story” friends must quickly devise a plan and use the magic of Lela’s necklace to get everyone back to their movie world before it’s too late.

Teen Beach 2 cast

Teen Beach 2 bikers and surfers unite in New York’s Central Park while in town to perform on Good Morning America and The View. (DISNEY CHANNEL/ Lorenzo Bevilaqua) Ross Lynch, Kent Boyd, Jordan Fisher, Raymond Cham, Jr., Piper Curda, John Deluca, Will Loftis, Ross Butler, Grace Phipps, Mollee Gray, Garrett Clayton, Chrissie Fit

Want to know what the “Teen Beach 2” has been up to? Check them out in NYC on our blog HERE! And to find out more about “Teen Beach 2” visit our blog at HERE!

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