Positive Thinking Craft: I Am Jar


Spring Break? Looking for something to do? Rather than spending (wasting) your time channel surfing or reading Instagram posts, try this very empowering craft from our “Positive Thinking” issue that will benefit you year ’round!

Make it a practice to love and appreciate yourself every day, even in small ways. Give YOU what you hope other people will give you. One of the biggest mistakes we can ever make is to look for our worth OUTSIDE of ourselves. To count on other things or other people to make us happy only leads to disappointment. You cannot control what others think about you or how much they love you, but you CAN control what you think of yourself…and how much you love yourself!

Here’s a Self-Love Craft! (Want more self-esteem fun? Check out our “I AM” Selfie project! Take a selfie with our positive statement print-out!)

March is Craft Month! Make an “I Am Jar” to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you are:

I am JarCraft by Lindsey Aleson. Image: (c) BYOU Magazine/Heartlight Girls Publications

The POSITIVE THINKING issue of BYOU Magazine is all about self-love and positive thinking because it’s important to have both self-love and positive thoughts that lead to positive actions! Read this issue PLUS 15+ more of our most popular issues when you join our GIRLS EMPOWERMENT MEMBERSHIP! You’ll also get access to free monthly self-esteem webinars, weekly empowerment articles, helpful weekly tips and more — all for only $19.99 a year! FIND OUT MORE HERE!

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