Need to Express Yourself? Tips for Starting Your Own Diary

Helpful Tips on How to Keep your Own Diary!

By Hannah Robison


With school, extracurriculars, and family scrambling for your attention, you may convince yourself, “I just don’t have time for a diary.” Or maybe you’ve tried to start your own personal journal, but you’ve gotten bored easily or haven’t been able to keep up with it (trust me, I’ve been there). To get your creative juices flowing, here are some easy tips to start your own diary.

1. Your entry doesn’t have to be long.
It might seem exhausting to write about your day, but it doesn’t have to be an extensive detail-by-detail documentation. In fact, the rise of “one sentence per day” diaries have dominated the world of birthday and holiday gifts. Two years ago, I received one of these diaries from my sister, in which I write a sentence per day for five years. You don’t have to keep your journal for as long as five years, but if you’re not the type to write a lot, then writing one sentence (maybe even a word!) might be your best bet.

2. Keep a time log.
A fun and concise way to keep track of your day is by recording important events of the day according to their time. You only have to write a quick note next to each time!

3. You can be poetic.
The majority of the pages in my diaries are scribbled with lyrics. I prefer to express my feelings by writing songs, while others may prefer to do so through poetry.

4. You can doodle, too!
Who said that journals have to be all writing? If you’re visually artistic, you can draw scenes from your day and add captions to your pictures (think of it as your own personal scrapbook!).

5. Don’t be afraid to let it all out.
At the end of the day, your diary is for your eyes only (unless you choose to share it with others). It’s with you through the good, the bad, and the ugly, from when you feel on top of the world from scoring the winning goal at your soccer game, to when you’ve had a seemingly unsolvable fight with your friend. Letting your true feelings show through writing helps you clear your mind and look at the situation from multiple perspectives.

No matter what your diary style is, be proud of yourself for taking the time to record your day. I still look back at the diary I kept in kindergarten! As you grow throughout the years, you’ll be thankful that you still have a part of your life from when you were younger.

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