Honor Our Earth Guide & Giveaways For Girls!

Welcome to our “Honor Our Earth” Guide & Giveaways!

With everything going on currently on our planet, honoring our Earth should be emphasized more now than ever (and the good news is that while the world has been slowing down, Earth may just be healing a little!)

We’re excited to celebrate our beloved Mother Earth by featuring products that honor the Earth by being eco-friendly, eco-conscious, sustainable, and made with Earth’s most natural ingredients!

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Check out our “Honor Our Earth” Guide below!



Piperberry is a skincare company created with one single principle in mind: to provide highly effective skincare products using the latest science and the most natural ingredients possible. Using adaptogens found in plant-based ingredients such as licorice root, sea buckthorn, and holy basil, combined with superfoods such as antioxidant-packed berries, Piperberry’s vegan, certified-organic, and non-toxic products work together to provide multiple skin benefits suitable for all skin types!

MORE INFO HERE https://www.piperberry.com/

Editor’s Review: As someone who experiences headaches from the artificial “parfum” fragrances used in many beauty products, I was thrilled to try these fragrance-free natural products. But not only is Piperberry free of artificial fragrance, it’s free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, dyes—and, as their recycled packing says, no bad vibes! What does this mean? Wonderfully CLEAN skincare! The Kale Protein Cleanser cleansed my skin very well and left it feeling fresh and perfectly balanced (not oily or dry), and the Adaptogens + Superfruits Moisturizer went on rich and creamy but felt light on my skin, leaving it hydrated but not greasy. And as someone who also spends much time at a computer, I love the extra benefit of the superfruits and antioxidants these products offer to reduce blue light oxidative damage!



Did you know that 91% of plastic is not currently recycled and 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year? Swaggr is on a mission to put some of that discarded plastic back to work by making socks made of recycled plastic! Each pair of Swaggr socks contains at least three recycled plastic bottles. These high-performance socks are designed to be softer, fit better than your traditional go-to ankle or crew sock, and wear longer than traditional socks. Treat your feet AND save the oceans with Swaggr—your feet will thank you and so will the planet!

MORE INFO HERE https://swaggr.com/

Editor’s Review: OK, I had no idea what to expect about socks made of recycled plastic bottles and little did I know I could get this excited over a pair of socks LOL. Not only do I LOVE Swaggr’s mission to recycle the oodles of plastic bottles that are wasted in mass, but I have to say I LOVE the socks themselves. The quality is amazing. They are super stretchy they hug your feet. And, they are so soft and cushy you would think they are made of puffy clouds instead of recycled plastic! How they did it I have no idea, but I have to say these are some of my fave socks ever! They truly are “feel good” socks—they feel good on your feet and they feel good in your heart knowing they benefit our planet. 



Engineered to clean, care for, and protect your sneakers, Sneaker Lab has created a natural cleaning solution that, not only, is eco-friendly but it also cleans brilliantly without the use of harmful chemicals! The advanced biotechnology of Sneaker Cleaner and Sneaker Wipes cleans at a microscopic level to lift dirt and stains, continuing to work long after application, leaving your sneakers cleaner for longer. Built on a Green philosophy that utilizes 100% biodegradable non-toxic solutions and recyclable packaging.


Editor’s Review: We put the Sneaker Cleaner through the ultimate test—my teen daughter’s very dirty once-white-now-grey Vans, and have to say, we both were quite impressed with the results! Although we could not get them back to sparkling white “like new” condition (maybe with our next application we’ll get there!), we definitely saw a big improvement, especially on the rubber parts of the shoes. It’s very easy to use, there’s no chemical smell you’d expect (it’s a clean citrus scent), and the included brush is very high quality. Sneaker Cleaner and on-the-go Sneaker Wipes are not just for sneakers – they remove spills on clothing, clean electronics, and are a great take-along to clean surfaces so they are germ free (i.e. door handles). Plus, as a South African-based company, Sneaker LAB contributes a portion of every unit sold in support of uplifting African youth, aimed to bring about sustained community change through positive peer to peer programs!



Aromatherapy is a powerful practice that has occurred for thousands of years, and essential oils are beautiful tools derived from fresh plant material which can be used to guide and heal the mind, body, and spirit. Star Roots Apothecary uses 100% natural organic ingredients to make their roll-on aroma oils. The Wildflower blend enhances clarity, balance, tenderness, and calms the mind, featuring patchouli, clary sage, sweet orange, sandalwood, lavender, blue cypress, vetiver essential oils in a jojoba oil carrier base.

MORE INFO HERE https://www.facebook.com/StarRootsApothecary/

Editor’s Review: I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy and essential oils, and fortunately, they are becoming increasingly popular; yet unfortunately, many products on the market are mass-produced and of lower quality. So when you find high quality products like Star Roots Apothecary makes, you take notice. These products have a wonderful “vibe”, you can actually feel the difference, and after speaking with the founder, I understood why: she personally makes all her products with “pure intention” and love (her packaging even says “Made with love in Boulder, Colorado”). I’m someone who cannot wear perfume (the artificial “parfum” chemicals give me a headache), but I love aroma oils made of essential oils—and I especially LOVE this 100% organic brand! I cannot think of a better way to honor our earth than by wearing wonderful products like this made of natural ingredients from the earth!



The popular all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant, SmartyPits, just came out with sustainable 100% plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, as well as new scents created through exclusive essential oil blends, like Grapefruit Cardamom, Ginger Lime, Citrus Clove, and Lavender Bergamot. These sticks are available in both a super strength formula with baking soda and a sensitive skin formula without baking soda.

MORE INFO HERE https://smartypits.com/

Editor’s Review: There are so many things I love about this product! First and foremost, it’s aluminum-free, which is very important to me since I lost my mom to Alzheimer’s and have researched how harmful it is to put aluminum in your body (their motto is: “Helping the world go aluminum free one stick at a time”, love that!). It’s also free of other harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, and talc. The packaging is amazing; it’s completely plastic-free and uses a heavy cardboard “push up” concept (yes, like the ice cream!) so I love how eco-friendly that is. The scents are beautiful and derived from natural essential oils (no chemical “parfums” to give me a headache, yay!). Plus the company is women-owned, founded by the daughter of a breast cancer survivor who discovered the link between aluminum in antiperspirants to breast cancer (SmartyPits actually now donates their products and a portion of proceeds to support breast cancer survivors). We give it a big thumbs up for so many reasons!


Welcome to organic, earth-friendly, sustainable skincare in eco-friendly biodegradable push-up “stick” packaging! Dr. Fedorenko True Organic offers non-toxic outdoor skin protection products that allow you to experience nature in a healthier way with no chemicals and no plastic. The Skin Stick cocoa butter enriched moisturizer contains no fragrances, perfumes, or other additives that can irritate the skin; Sun Stick SPF30 is a botanical, reef-friendly, nourishing sunscreen stick that contains no harmful chemicals; and the Bug Stick is DEET-free, using a formulation of organic citronella, cedar, and lemongrass essential oils which have been used for centuries to naturally repel insects.

MORE INFO HERE https://www.drfedorenko.com/

Editor’s Review: Kukos to Dr. Fedorenko for creating organic, natural ,and non-toxic versions of popular skincare products! Moisturizer, sunscreen, and bug repellent are items we use often, especially in the warm-weather seasons, yet many mainstream products on the market may work well but contain ingredients that aren’t good for you. Dr. Fedorenko omits things like parabens, petroleum, mineral oils, and artificial fragrance from their moisturizing Skin Stick, and instead uses natural, nourishing ingredients like cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, and beeswax; the Sun Stick uses zinc oxide (that invisibly rubs into the skin!) to provide SPF30 protection rather than toxic chemicals; and the Bug Stick uses organic essential oils (that smell wonderful) rather than harmful (and stinky) DEET. And not only are these products good for you, they are good for the environment — the packaging on the sticks come in a fun “push-up” style cardboard tube that is plastic-free!


Bring out the shimmer & shine! Sunshine & Glitter’s SeaStar Sparkle SPF50+ Mermaid Glitter Sunscreen uses biodegradable, eco-friendly glitter to give you a dazzling sparkle in the sun (and it also helps you to see where you’ve applied sunscreen!) without the harmful chemicals (like oxybenzone) found in most common sunscreens. Formulated with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants, such as green tea extract and aloe, all of Sunshine & Glitter’s sunscreens are reef safe. Get your mermaid on and be eco-friendly, gorgeous, well protected, and sparkling in the sun!

MORE INFO HERE https://www.sunshineglitter.com/

Editor’s Review: Who doesn’t love sparkles, right? But sparkles made of a bio-degradable plant-based material instead of plastic gets a big thumbs up from us! I always look for “clean” mineral-based sunscreens that do NOT have oxybenzone and other harmful chemicals that get absorbed into the bloodstream, so this sunscreen gets another thumbs up for that! It moisturizes and blends well on the skin (no white pasty streaks), and the glitter gives a pretty sparkly sheen without looking like you just took a glitter bath LOL. And one more thumbs up for the mindset of this company—their mission was to create a fun sun care line with good-for-you ingredients and infused with joy, and I will say they have very well accomplished that!


Our fast-pace lifestyles have led to fast pace living and A LOT of waste. Ecomended is a one-stop-shop where you can find zero-waste, eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable products from health and beauty items to home products. Featuring many reusable items, like stainless steel straws, tote bags, and travel cutlery sets, and environmentally friendly natural products, like artisan soaps and vegan bags made of leaf leather, Ecomended makes it easy to reduce your impact on the environment!

MORE INFO HERE ecomended.com

Editor’s Review: As someone who is a big recycler and fan of reusable, sustainable products, I must say that Ecomended is highly recommended! Not only are they mindful of the environment, their products very good quality, and we had the opportunity to experience a variety of them. We loved the oh-so-cute 3-tier wheat fiber lunchbox, along with the wheat fiber travel cutlery set you can take with you to avoid throw-away single-use forks and spoons (and the wheat fiber is gluten-free, which is important to me). We loved the travel-sized stainless-steel telescoping reusable straws in their own steel carrying case with a telescoping straw cleaner and carabiner to attach to any bag. And we loved the super cute rainbow-unicorn print reusable tote bag, plus the vegan coin purse made by hand out of teak leaves. Gotta love this company!


Proven is a long-lasting and effective insect repellent spray and lotion for health-conscious people that keeps you protected from mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, no-see-ums, and other biting insects for up to 14 hours. The active ingredient Picaridin, an EPA-registered insect repellent, is derived from the black pepper plant and hosts an abundance of benefits—and it’s an equally effective alternative to DEET. Biodegradable and non-toxic to fish and wildlife, Proven is available in odorless or gentle scent formulas in both sprays and lotions.

MORE INFO HERE https://provenrepellent.com

Editor’s Review: Many of us know how ridiculously bad the mosquitos were last spring/summer in many parts of the country –it was so bad you hardly wanted to go outside in the evenings! I am not normally a fan of bug spray; they feel oily or sticky on the skin and many contain harmful ingredients, like DEET, that I do not want absorbed into my skin. That’s why I’m very excited to win the battle of the bugs this summer with these products! We sampled the 14-hour gentle scent lotion and the 12-hour odorless spray and I was VERY impressed with how clean and non-oily they felt on the skin—no icky sticky or unpleasant odor we often associate with bug spray!


Ecoslay nourishes your curly hair and believes that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. Each good-for-you ingredient in their handmade products is carefully chosen to be natural and eco-friendly. The Banana Cream Deep Conditioner is a super-rich, moisturizing treat for dry locks that can be used as a leave-in conditioner or as a moisturizing mask, and the Orange Marmalade curl definer delivers  firm-hold, frizz-free curls with incredible shine! 

MORE INFO HERE https://www.ecoslay.com/

Editor’s review: You know any product with the word “Eco” in it has to be eco-friendly, right? That’s because all of their products only use natural ingredients with names you recognize and can pronounce (unlike many mass-marketed products today!). For instance, not only does their Banana Cream deep conditioner contain bananas, it also has avocado, okra, coconut cream, and aloe vera (and it works wonderfully to condition dry hair, definitely saw much improvement!); the Orange Marmalade curl definer’s ingredients include flaxseed and agave nectar extract, aloe vera juice, marshmallow root extract, and sweet orange essential oil (love how it tames frizz!). In fact, their ingredients are so natural, they suggest you refrigerate their products. Kudos to this company for caring as much as they do — not only about the environment, but also about your well-being!


With Adventerra board games, family and friends can have fun together learning about conserving natural resources and saving the planet! Awarded the STEM.org Authenticated™ trust mark, this European board game company that promotes environmental stewardship has captured 16 national toy industry awards. Plus, the games “walk the talk” and are made of sustainable materials. Four options available:


Can you save your community’s water from the water monster? WaterGame provides a wealth of information on saving water and our planet. Cards with simple and intuitive illustrations show the correct habits to adopt to save water in everyday life. Throughout their journey down the river, players answer quiz questions about water and move forward or back depending on their answers. Unlucky players must rely on the Community Water Tank, which depends on donations from players who have saved more water. If the tank is empty when someone needs it, everyone loses! MORE INFO HERE https://adventerragamesusa.com/product/watergame/


Your town is overflowing with unrecycled trash. In Recycle Rally, you and your friends race with your trucks through the streets to collect recyclables, and then bring them to the right recycling centers, learning how to properly separate recyclables and the importance of doing so. Players compete as individuals, earning points by achieving their missions, recycling the most precious and the most dangerous objects. At the same time, the team objective is to work together to minimize the objects that are left behind – because if more than 24 items end up in the incinerator at the end of the game, all players lose! MORE INFO HERE https://adventerragamesusa.com/product/recycle-rally/


In the Powerhaus game, you and your friends have decided to buy a house to live in together, but it leaks and wastes a lot of energy, which hurts the planet—and your savings accounts! With a limited budget, will you figure out how to make the house as energy efficient as possible by changing your daily habits and investing in better products and services? As you play, you’ll discover you have real power to fight climate change and help the planet at home and beyond. The humorous illustrated cards help you to understand the concepts of energy and its conservation more easily. MORE INFO HERE https://adventerragamesusa.com/product/powerhaus/


Players work together in the Global Warning game to clean up the world and slow climate change. Can you and your friends slow it down before it’s game over for you AND Planet Earth? Game participants challenge each other to solve the greatest number of local and global environmental problems. At each turn, color-coded problem cards appear on eight different environmental topics, but if not resolved with the right combinations of solution cards, unsolved global problems can a catastrophe! MORE INFO HERE https://adventerragamesusa.com/product/global-warning/

Editor’s Review (for all 4 games): In a world where many of the things that kids spend their time on are frivolous waste of time, or even detrimental to their well-being, it’s AWESOME to see good old fashioned board games that, not only, encourage interaction together, but also that educate and serve a higher purpose (i.e. being conscious about the environment, saving the planet, etc.) Each game is fun and unique in its own way, yet similar in that they inspire players to make the world a better place. I can definitely see why these games have won so many awards!

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