Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways For Girls!


Looking for a gift for a teen or tween girl?

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide … we’ve found some amazing unique gift ideas for girls! Plus, if you have our Girls Empowerment Membership, you can WIN these products in our giveaways (you’ll find all info in the MEMBERS section of our app)! Not yet a member? CLICK HERE to order your annual membership for only $19.99, it also makes a great gift that will build confidence and empower a girl a year long — plus win cool prizes like the items below!

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide below for great gift ideas for the teen or tween girl on your list, including our editorial review of each product — and check back often because we’ll be adding more items to our gift guide throughout the holiday season!


Wrap your feet in warmth, comfort, and style with these ultra-cozy slipper socks! Pudus Slipper Socks feature extra-fluffy, high density faux fur Sherpa lining that traps heat for ultimate warmth and non-slip gripper soles for enhanced traction. With over 75 fun trendy styles and one-size fits most design, they are a must-have wintertime pampering essential! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: To say these slipper socks are soft is a huge understatement. They are SOFT, SOFT, SOFT—like you feel you just stepped into a pair of fluffy, cushy clouds! Seriously. And they are WARM, WARM, WARM. We sampled the “Llama Pink” design (which are super colorful and super cute!) and cold feet were no “probllama” anymore LOL. The non-slip grippers on the bottom offer a great safety feature too. We want a pair in every design!



Created to find a healthier yet fun alternative to the bath and body products currently available in the market, Finchberry soaps are made with natural, food-grade ingredients with no harsh chemical preservatives. Their unique decorative appearance is a result of being handcrafted in their Northern Florida studio, which is filled with piping bags, baking racks, ovens and dough mixers, and looks as much like a bakery as their soaps do baked goods! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: I think these soaps are literally the prettiest soaps I’ve ever seen! The vibrant colors and luscious handcrafted designs make these so beautiful they look yummy enough to eat! And the packaging is equally as beautiful. We love the natural ingredients (like organic olive and coconut oils, shea butter, and purified water) that create a gentle, but rich, lather. If you’re looking for a special treat or a gift with a “wow” factor that will get noticed, this is it!



This interactive scratch-off map of the United States makes traveling fun by letting kids track, remember, and share their adventures in ways most maps won’t let them. The Elsewhere Map kit includes 32 educational learning cards that teach about the places they’ve gone, locations they can visit, and other facts, figures, and notes. Also includes black dry erase marker to draw notes or pictures, cleaning cloth, metal guitar pick to scratch off the silver foil overlay, storage bag, and stickers to commemorate each trip! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Who doesn’t like scratch-off ANYTHING, right? This innovative map is one BIG scratch-off; you remove the silver foil to reveal one colorful state at a time. It provides great motivation for learning about our 50 states (the learning cards are very beneficial) and can really help you to pay attention to details and remember your travel experiences. The Elsewhere map is glossy, tear-resistant, and comes in a sturdy tube so you can take it with you wherever your adventures take you … can you say ROAD TRIP?



With Chalk of the Town erasable tote bags and t-shirts, you can create custom designs and express yourself every day! Draw or write on the blank chalkboard surface with the water-based smudge-proof chalk markers, then wipe clean with a damp cloth to personalize over and over again! Silver heart canvas tote kit includes two chalk markers and erasing cloth. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: How could BYOU Magazine (a.k.a. “Be Your Own You”) not love a product that encourages you to express and be yourself?! With so many products in the market today displaying superficial or inappropriate designs and text, here’s an opportunity to present who YOU are and what’s in your heart. The tote is large and sturdy, and the chalkboard surface erases easily so you can create again (and again, how fun is that?). Carry a tote that expresses who YOU are—whether that’s personalizing with your name, sharing a special or inspiring message, or drawing a design that’s meaningful to you. Be unique and be you!



The Glister Interstellar Ionic Dryer is engineered with a variety of professional features for the ultimate experience in blow drying! Adjustable Infinity Flow Technology and an advanced Far Infrared ceramic heater allows you to control airflow for fast & effortless performance. Designed to be featherlight, this salon-quality pro dryer is as ergonomically perfect as it is beautiful! Also includes concentrator nozzle and anti-frizz diffuser. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Could a hair dryer be considered a work of art? The Glister hair dryer is so GORGEOUS with its sleek design and vibrant purple and hot pink metallic finish, you’ll want to put it on display! But besides its beauty, this is one rock star hair dryer. It’s ultra-quiet for how powerful it is, ionic technology releases negative ions (that’s a good thing) to smooth frizz, ceramic and tourmaline gemstone infusion helps to dry quickly, there’s SIX settings, and it’s low EMF (electromagnetic field, another good thing). All we can say is WOW!



You’ll feel like royalty relaxing in this inflatable Gold Armchair from Air Candy. It’s comfortable like a bean bag, yet the sturdy ergonomic design offers back and hip support. This glamorous metallic gold armchair is lightweight, easy-to-inflate with a blow dryer, and deflates and folds for quick storage. Add style and sparkle to any room, use it for extra indoor/outdoor seating or as a throne at your next birthday party, or even float it in the pool (it’s 100% waterproof)! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Who doesn’t like feeling like a queen? Or at least a princess, right? This will be your new fave comfy chair—it is for us when we scramble to see who gets to sit in the “golden throne”! It’s literally a full-size chair and is surprising how heavy duty and supportive it is for being an inflatable. Park it in your room to sit in when you want to relax, meditate, or need a confidence boost—you’ll definitely feel like a queen in this chair!



The Comfy (as seen on Shark Tank) is one part over-sized sweatshirt and one part double thick, double plush blanket! Lined with soft fleece for breathable warmth, it features a large hood, giant front pocket, high-low hem, and ribbed cuffed sleeves. Easy to wash and comes out like new! Available in many colors and patterns in both adults/teens and kids one-size-fits-all size.  MORE INFO HERE

 Editor’s Review: Have you ever felt like you’ve wanted to ”wear” a cozy blanket around all day, only to find that it keeps slipping off and becomes impractical to move around in? (Obviously I’ve tried this LOL). Well, The Comfy is your answer to taking your blanket with you wherever you go! This ”wearable” blanket (or is it a sweatshirt?) is appropriately named “The Comfy” because it’s exactly that—comfy! Like really comfy. The super soft Sherpa material envelopes you in fluffy, cushy, cozy bliss … you may never want to take it off!



The TikiTunes portable Bluetooth 5-watt speaker offers six hours of continuous playtime from any wireless compatible device with its built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. Connect up to two speakers using dual sync capabilities from a maximum distance of 30 feet for a true stereo-sound. The warm LED ambient light emits a flickering, atmospheric light providing the perfect ambiance indoors or outdoors!  Charges via Micro USB cable (included). MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: As someone who enjoys music and likes high-quality sound, I was very impressed with this stylish little speaker—it really puts out the sound! The play/pause and volume/next/last song buttons are convenient to use, and the flickering light is a beautiful touch—it looks like a candle glowing inside the speaker (without the mess of a candle!) to resemble a tiki torch. I look forward to warmer days and nights to use it outside since it’s water and dust resistant (how cool is that?), but in the meantime, it sits beautifully on my desk streaming sweet music!  



The Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket gets kids moving AND learning about STEM based principles such as gravity, motion and force! Just set up the base and STOMP to see these high-performance rockets fly up to 400 feet in the air. No batteries required. Includes 6 Stomp Rockets, launch stand, and launch pad with air hose. Ages 9 and up. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: This product is such a win-win – it teaches girls STEM concepts in a fun way, plus it gets them outside and being active by running, jumping, and stomping! And it’s a BLAST to do (pun intended!), either on your own or with friends or family. Assembly is super easy and it’s great that it doesn’t require batteries – just GIRL POWER!



Have some good ol’ fashioned laughs with the zany “Not Parent Approved” award-winning card game! Designed by two moms to reintroduce a love of table games for a screen-obsessed generation, this is a hilarious family-friendly word game of fill-in-the-blanks. This “inappropriate appropriate” portable game is ideal for vacations, snow days, slumber parties, and family gatherings. And 100% of proceeds from the limited-edition expansion pack benefits the global charity Wheels for Humanity that provides wheelchairs for children and adults with physical disabilities in developing countries! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: We love card games—but as a parent, I was curious as to what I’d find inside this one LOL. The “Not Parent Approved” name plays off the fact that some of the cards include topics like burps, toilet humor, and such, but I must admit, this game is a hoot! (BTW, parents can any remove cards they deem inappropriate). This tween/teen game stimulates creativity word play, silly conversation, face-to-face interaction, and a lot of laughs—all invaluable in today’s world. And how cool is it that 100% of proceeds from the expansion pack benefit Wheels for Humanity … we love that!



Necklet allows you to layer two or three necklaces at once with the ability to keep them from tangling when you’re wearing them, as well as making it super easy to put them on and take them off all in one shot! This ingenious jewelry accessory keeps necklaces secured to one magnetic clasp, so you don’t have the hassle of tangle-some chains! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Brilliant idea! As someone who wears several fave necklaces daily, I love how easy the Necklet makes it to take them on and off. No more trying to hook or unhook the tiny little clasp of each necklace individually (which is really challenging when you’re in a hurry!); you attach them once to the Necklet and on/off is a breeze with the magnetic clasp that holds tight, even when sleeping or exercising. It can be a real time-saver for rushed mornings—just attach the necklaces to the Necklet the night before and it’s one less morning-rush stress!



Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment and mastering the art of letting go. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece! The Buddha Board is available in several options: Original Buddha Board (pictured above), the Enso Infinite Art portable “tablet”, and the 5-inch square portable Mini Buddha Board for on-the-go stress relief! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: What a cool product! The Buddha Board truly is a powerful stress-relieving tool because it allows you to freely express yourself without being too attached to results. With the pressures girls face today to “be perfect” in every way, this allows them to just BE, express, release, and clear their mind. My teen daughter loves it and doodles on it after school to decompress from the day, and I find myself using it before bed to relax. We also like that it’s environmentally friendly and uses no ink, paint, or chemicals—just water for mess-free fun!



The all-in-one HB/#2 pencil, pencil eraser, and liquid highlighter was created by 11-year-old twin sisters, Sophie & Izzy, who were tired of switching between pencil and highlighter. This innovative new writing tool by Sozy Pencils called “The Annotator” is made by students for students, solving the problem of having to switch between two instruments when doing classwork or homework, making everything more efficient. Set includes four stylish colors of highlighters. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: The nerd in me LOVES these—wish I had these when I was in school! I was a voracious note-taker and used to get teased about how often I would go back and forth between my pencil and my highlighter. And now an ingenious pencil-and-highlighter-in-one idea was created by two tween sisters (how cool is that? You go girls!). My daughter immediately snagged these to try also and is thrilled that her once heavy and bulging pencil case is now streamlined and lightweight. We give it an A+!




Supernatural Sprinkles are a natural, healthier alternative to everyday decorative sprinkles! Made without artificial dyes, confectioner’s glaze, palm oil, soy, or other common allergens, these delicious sprinkles will dazzle up your pancakes, ice cream, baked goods, and more without the toxic trade-offs of other sprinkles. The holiday giveaway set includes four fun shapes: Great Big Blizzard, White Sequins, Ugly Xmas Sweater, and Into the Woods. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Sprinkles are so fun to use, especially around the holidays, yet generally they are full of artificial coloring, chemicals, and other toxins. That’s why we love the Supernatural Sprinkles (love the name, super-natural, get it?) that are made with clean ingredients like coconut oil, GMO-free cane sugar, and plant-based colors (seriously, their colors come from veggies and spices!). Yet they taste great and are so fun to use because they come in imaginative shapes (like Ugly Xmas Sweater LOL) not normally seen in your basic ol’ sprinkle!



Glitter is magical and Lavender Stardust has bottled that magic with their motto being “WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARDUST!” This unique line of aloe vera-based cosmetics is handmade in the U.S.A. in small batches using quality ingredients and cosmic glitter combos. Their roll-on glitter lip glosses are flavored, so not only do they make your lips glossy and shimmery, they smell and taste yummy too! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: Who doesn’t love sparkles (we sure do)! Sparkles have a way of brightening a mood, turning drab into fab, and instantly make you feel dazzling – and Lavender Stardust’s glitter products are perfect to add a glistening glow. We sampled the glitter lip gloss in this lovely Rosé color and everything about it is yummy! It has a sweet sheer-pink tint with iridescent sparkles that make your lips shine and feel amazingly soft, plus the smell and taste are delicious! 



Get your aloha on with a KeiKi Ukulele! Learning to play a ukulele is much easier than that of the guitar—so within a few days of practice, you can start making music and playing songs! Now music-minded families can purchase one without breaking the family budget. Available in four vacation-themed colors: Pacific Blue, Seafoam Green, Sandalwood, and Sunset Red. MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: We love anything that encourages girls to develop their skills and talents, especially something that also allows them to creatively express themselves.The KeiKi Ukulele does just that, and is remarkably high quality for the money (they retail for $29.99). It even comes with a digital tuner, carry case, strap, guidebook, and fun retro stickers! The happy-sounding strum of the ukulele is an instant mood booster, and because it’s lightweight and travel-friendly, you can use it anywhere—whether that’s cheering yourself up in your room after a long day or taking it out and about to make others smile!



Fall in love at first squeeze! Moosh-Moosh plush toys will be your huggable, cuddly, squishy new best friend! These irresistibly soft cuties have names like Francine the Poodle, Lizzy the Alpaca, Vee the Bee, and Lucy the Llamacorn … you’ll want to collect them all! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s Review: These are TOO adorable! Not only are these cuties super fun and colorful, they are SO soft—like can’t-stop-squeezing-them velvet-y soft! And this creative collection goes beyond just a basic line of plushies and squishies; they have plushies that are an actual bank with characters that “talk” (like meow or roar) when you put in coins and plushies that are a real working flashlight with an on/off button on their front paw. Can you say cute??!



Dazzle your bedroom or any indoor/outdoor space with thousands of sparkles with a BlissBulb laser lightbulb! You can easily change the atmosphere of any room by placing a BlissBulb in your favorite lamp or wall lighting. Great for parties, holiday fun, calming mood lighting, or a “starry sky” night light! MORE INFO HERE

Editor’s’ Review: The moment you switch on a BlissBulb, you instantly become transported into a magical fairytale-like experience! We love being outside under the stars in the summer, and with a BlissBulb, you can actually create a starry sky inside! It’s so easy to use; you simply replace a standard lightbulb in your lamp with a BlissBulb, and Voila! Instant magic. My favorite is the blue; I love the tranquil, peaceful feeling it creates!


Look for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and “Love Yourself” Giveaways coming in February!



Remember, if you have our Girls Empowerment Membership, you can WIN these products in our giveaways! You’ll find all info in the MEMBERS section of our BYOU Magazine app! Not yet a member? CLICK HERE to order your annual membership for only $19.99, it also makes a great gift that will build confidence and empower a girl a year long! Activation is easy!

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