Girls Making a Difference: Henna Hundal Gives Inner Beauty a Voice


Girls Making a DifferenceHenna HundalHenna Hundal has a mission: To help young women realize their potential and capacity to do great, regardless of their exterior features or circumstances. This 17 year old from Turlock, California, describes herself as a “youth empowerment architect, game changer, and silence breaker” who helps young people walk their own truth and find their own inner worth and beauty. She serves as the Teen Ambassador of the You Are Valued organization, through which she has the platform to spread the message that inner beauty is the key to a fruitful life.

At BYOU Magazine, we love to feature girls who are making a difference in the world and tell their stories. With Henna, it all began the summer before high school, when Henna was looking for something to do. She knew she loved to write, so she picked up the phone and called the local paper; soon she had her own monthly opinion column. “It started because of that one phone call. That’s something I emphasize to young people: Don’t be afraid to make that call, write that letter, or knock on that door. You never know how that one move might transform your life.”

Henna has been published over 75 times in a variety of print and online publications, and now hosts an online talk show and a radio program called Express Yourself! Teen Radio, an outreach service of the Be The Star You Are charity. “We talk about how young people can find the tools they need to be successful, and how they can overcome the challenges that come their way. We believe that each young person has a light that should be shared with the world, and such light derives its flame from focusing on our inner selves rather than our exteriors.

Henna HundalEven if you struggle to find your inner beauty, Henna believes you have the ability to be confident and follow your dreams. “Our happiness and our sorrow really come from within—it comes from within and it can be extinguished from within. When you find your passion, your mission in life and those niches where you can really radiate, you’re going to feel so fulfilled from within that it will eradicate that self-doubt and self-deprecation you might be feeling.”

“Know you have all the tools you need to be successful. Rely on everything you hold within yourself – the know-how and gifts that you’ve been endowed with – and use those to brighten the world.”

Listen to Henna Hundal on the Express Yourself! Teen Radio Network at

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