Most people would agree that our world needs more “goodness” at this time, right? So BYOU Magazine’s newest issue is dedicated to how we can ALL make that happen! And, who better to demonstrate goodness than our very own beloved BYOU girls?!

This empowering and uplifting issue is packed full of BYOU subscribers who submitted their very own inspiring advice and amazing insights on how to bring about more goodness — helpful and interesting tips that will motivate YOU to be a part of the light that will change our world!  ORDER HERE or purchase it on the BYOU Magazine app! 

In this issue, you’ll find:

  • BYOU GIRLS ROCK! See submissions from BYOU girls on how to show goodness … you’ll be inspired (and surprised) by some of their great ideas! We also feature BYOU girls who have put their ideas in motion and are already making a difference!
  • ASK THE STARS: Your fave celebs share how they show goodness, plus their fave feel-good movies!
  • Find out WHY IT’S TIME TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT and HOW with these IMPORTANT TIPS, including an inspiring visualization exercise!
  • QUIZ: How Do You Score in the Goodness Game? Test yourself!
  • How you can BUILD SELF-ESTEEM and POSITIVITY by doing THIS!
  • What is Your LIFE PATH? Know yourself (and others) better and stay true to who you are by using this formula to determine your life path number!
  • KAT’S KORNER: Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara gives empowering advice to BYOU readers in her exclusive column for BYOU Magazine!
  • CRAFT: Be inspired by 40 Intentional Acts of Kindness, then see how to make your own DIY “Spread the Goodness” cards … or use the Pay-It-Forwards cards right in this issue!
  • GIRLS MAKING A DIFFERENCE and EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN features winners from our Stand Beside Her Contest with the Girl Scouts!
  • Tons of awesome FREE GIVEAWAYS you can win– look for the special code in this issue for first priority on prizes!
  • Fun PUZZLES like a super-size word search, I SPY, make-you-think cryptograms, Spot the Difference, and Fun Facts!
  • You’ll crack up over the silly stuff in our B-SILLY section!
  • Inspiring mini-POSTERS you’ll love … and much MORE!

Read this awesome Winter 2018 issue today on all your digital devices! Here are two ways:

  1. Simply download the free BYOU Magazine app from your fave app store (Apple, Android/Google Play, or Amazon) and for only $2.99 you can enjoy this fun, uplifting, and inspiring issue of 100% GOODNESS!
  2. BEST DEAL! Become a member of BYOU Magazine’s EMPOWERMENT MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for only $19.99/year and not only will you get access to the new GOODNESS issue and an annual digital subscription to BYOU Magazine, you’ll also get access to over 15 of our most popular back issues, inspiring videos, entertaining podcasts, empowering webinars, helpful weekly tips, and MORE so you can be your MOST empowered self! Members also can read the GOODNESS issue in a fun flip book format on a computer or mobile device! ORDER HERE or purchase it on the BYOU Magazine app! 

(Note: BYOU Magazine has recently transitioned to a digital-only platform so print copies of the GOODNESS issue are unavailable at this time, however downloading and printing the magazine is possible with purchase). ORDER A MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION TODAY!

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