Girl Scout Week Profile: Gold Award Honoree Emma Hesse


Gold Award Honoree Emma Hesse

Girl Scouts of Colorado logoDuring Girl Scout Week March 6-12, BYOU Magazine will profile a few of the Girl Scout Gold Award honorees from our home state of Colorado! The Colorado governor released a proclamation recognizing Girl Scout Week and the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout Gold Award.

The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, recognizing girls who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through remarkable Take Action projects that have sustainable impact in their communities-and beyond. Check our blog daily to read about amazing girls doing amazing things!


Our first profile is Gold Award honoree Emma Hesse. Emma helped raise the self-confidence of teens in her school and community. We love Emma already! Read what her project is about, plus what she has learned about herself in doing this project.

Emma Hesse’s Gold Award Project:

What did you do for your Gold Award project?

Emma: For my Gold Award Project, Teen Boutique at the Jeffco Action Center, I worked with the Jeffco Action Center, a local organization that provides various services (including a clothing bank, food pantry, and financial services)  to Lakewood, Colorado residents in need. My goal was to help raise the self-confidence of teens in my school and teens in need in my community by addressing:

  1. The need for people to organize teen clothing donations
  2. The lack of clothing options for teens
  3. The need for an organized teen clothing section
Girl Scout Week - Emma Hesse

Girl Scout Gold Award Honoree Emma Hesse

I tackled all three of these by remodeling the teen area in the clothing bank to make it more fun, interesting, and inviting; I hosted multiple clothing drives to build a collection of clothing items; and I worked with a volunteer group that committed to help maintain my efforts.

How did you measure the impact your Gold Award project made on your target audience?

Emma: I took before and after pictures of the clothing bank. I also compared the number of clothing items the center had before my project to the number of clothes they continue to get each week, as clothing donations continue to come in.

How is your project sustainable? How will your project continue to impact after your involvement?

Emma: I shared my project with the Lakewood High School Key Club and showed them the teen clothing section of the center. I told them how important it is to keep the teen section well stocked. The club was excited to help. Now, Key Club volunteers do a variety of tasks at the center, from working in the food bank to sorting clothes, every month. The Lakewood High School Key Club committed to continue to volunteer monthly with a focus on the clothing bank and to host monthly clothing drives to keep a wide-variety of clothes coming in.

What is your project’s global and/or national connection?

Emma:  I connected with the Christian Action Guild in Golden, Colorado, to teach them how to run their own project. I created a detailed instruction manual, which includes templates for fliers and labels, and shared it with the guild to help them start their own project. I presented my manual to Christian Action Guild President Joyce Sutton and she complimented me for leading a successful campaign. By following my plan, Joyce feels confident that the guild will have more success with future donation projects.

What did you learn about yourself?

Emma: Before this project, I was not a very strong leader or speaker. But since I have gone through this journey, I have learned that I am very capable of talking to a wide variety of groups and people.  I also learned that I am very good at organization and bringing people together to work on a project.

How will earning your Gold Award impact you in the future?

Emma: My award will remind me that I can lead a successful long-term project and communicate well with others.  I now know what it takes to plan and perform a huge project like this, from organizational skills to the importance of communicating with peers, advisers, teachers, etc.  In addition, I now have the experience and confidence to speak in front of large groups of people, by myself!

Girl Scouts Week -- MissionWhy do you feel the Gold Award was an important part of your Girl Scout experience?

Emma: This project allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and become a leader in my community Before starting my Gold Award project, I was very quiet and would always wait for others to take charge.  Now, thanks to this project, I know how to be a leader and how to get involved in issues that are very important to me — I can make a difference!

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