Join the Movement to End Bullying by Building Self-Esteem –

And Raise Money for Your Organization!

Sales Fundraising Program

Empower a girl year-around with an annual subscription to BYOU Magazine!

Empower a girl year-around with an annual subscription to BYOU Magazine!

A fundraising program that’s easy, no-hassle, and a great win-win for all! Raise money for your organization while building self-esteem in girls!

Perfect for:

  • Schools/PTOs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Churches
  • Girl empowerment organizations
  • Clubs and Troops
  • Dancers/Cheerleaders



This simple fundraiser allows family & friends to purchase an annual subscription to BYOU Magazine, the premier magazine dedicated exclusively to building self-esteem in girls ages 8-15, while generating revenue for your organization! fundraiser

Here’s How It Works:  We assign a special code to your organization that people will use when they order an annual subscription to BYOU Magazine for only $17.97/year. Your members then encourage friends, family, neighbors, local businesses (like doctor’s/dentist’s offices, libraries, schools, etc) to purchase subscriptions – and your organization receives 33%  from every subscription sale! That’s $5.93 back to your organization for EVERY subscription sold!! And even better, there’s no handling of money or no orders to process or fulfill! Plus we track your orders and the donation due to you!

Call Phil Gilliam, National Sales Director, today at 303-667-8886 to set up your fundraising opportunity!

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  1. Abbee’s cheer team; Angel Phyre would probably be interested in this. I can help. We need some mags to give to some of those girls though…so they can show what they are selling. Do you have order forms etc???

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