8 DIY Fashion Ideas to Express Your Unique Style!


colorful pipe cleaners on shoes

Pipe cleaners for shoe laces? It’s fun to create your own unique style!

DIY Fashion: A Great Way to Create a Look That is “Uniquely You”

Every person is unique in her/his own way, yet so often girls attempt to hide their uniqueness by trying to be like everyone else. Not only does this not allow you to shine in your own special way, it takes much of the fun out of life…and definitely the fun out of fashion. Fashion is a great way to express who you truly are, yet finding clothes that show off your unique style can be hard, especially when we all shop at the same stores.

You should always make your wardrobe more YOU! Check out unique shopping locations, upcycle old clothes, and even try making your own clothes and accessories! Here are some of our fave DIY fashion items we’ve found that are easy to do, and will add some one-of-a-kind flare to your outfits. (If you’d like to try making one of these fun items, just click on the photo to be directed to the site for instructions!)

Remember, there is no one just like you. So, shouldn’t your style reflect the same?

Upcycled Bracelets 

DIY fashion safety pin bracelet

Photo courtesy of susannaserres.com

These easy-to-make bracelets will add a pop of color and charm to your outfits. Plus, you can feel good knowing you saved items from the landfill! From safety pins and buttons to soda cans and garage hardware, odds are you already have the supplies you need at home.

If you make craft stick bracelets, try these decorating ideas — you can boost your self-esteem while making a statement!

Have you made your own bracelets before? We’d love to see your handiwork. Take a photo of your favorites and share it with us in the blog comments below, or on our Instagram page using #BYOUDIY.


 Duct Tape Hair Bows!

Make those boring head bands more exciting with colored duct tape! In a few simple steps, you’ll have a hair bow that you’d never find at any store. And we’re sure you already have everything you need.

These fun hair bows are a great sleepover activity. Have your gal pals bring over a duct tape that represents their personality!

 No Sew Clutch!

Craft by:

Craft by: By Wilma

With just six materials and six steps you’ll have this one-of-a-kind clutch to carry with you all summer long. You might have to take a trip to your local craft store, but it’s cheaper (and more YOU) than buying a new clutch.

Flip Flop Makeovers

DIY flip flops

Shared from: Fabulessly Frugal

Warmer weather means flip-flop season! If you are like most of us, you have a pair (or two or three) of flip-flops that could use a little love. We found a great post that shares seven different ideas to upcycle and customize flip-flops. There are even a few that show you how to create your own! Make sure you look at the gladiator sandal idea and save yourself a trip to the department store!


  Infinity Scarf!

Craft by:

Craft by: Sugar and Cloth

How many t-shirts do you have that you never wear? We’re thinking a few dozen, right? Give those t-shirts a new life and make an infinity scarf! Use a plain t-shirt and paint or use a patterned t-shirt to give your new infinity scarf a great look!


 Add Some Flair with a Pocket!

If you have 10 minutes (don’t we all?), you can add a pocket to a plain tee. And the good news is, you don’t need a sewing machine or any fancy materials!

No-sew Beach Bag

Headed to the beach this summer? Or maybe you need a bag for summer camp? This no-sew bright and beachy tote bag will have you wanting to make totes every day of the week. Bring this custom tote with you to your next sleep over and show your gal pals.


T-shirt Necklace

Craft By:

Craft By: Emily Sauser

Yes, we said t-shirt necklace! It’s light for those hot summer days and will add a pop of color to your summer outfits. A perfect way to upcycle those souvenir t-shirts you no longer wear!

Remember, you don’t have to settle for shopping the at same old stores; when you learn to think outside the box, you options are endless!

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