Why It’s Important to Discover Your Talents!

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Why It’s Important to Discover Your Talents

Beautiful Young Woman Reading A Book While Sitting At A Window IWe are all unique in our own way, each with our own strengths and talents. But do you fully know what all of those strengths and talents are? In order to truly have the freedom to be yourself, you really need to know yourself — who you are, what you want, and what you’re good at. One way you can learn about yourself is to try something new!

Exploring your true self can take time, and summer is a great time to do that! Do you have a secret passion you’ve kept hidden but would like to explore? Is there a topic that interests you that you’d like to find out more about? Below are ideas on how you can explore new things on your journey of getting to know YOU!

Try Something New!try something new: girl painting a craft

Start by reading a book or online article about something you are interested in, or taking a new class. Thanks to technology, there are a ton of options. You can take online courses that range from an hour to a couple of weeks. Some classes are super easy and offer a brief overview of a topic, and some are more challenging and really test your skills.

NOTE: What’s great about taking a class for fun is there is less pressure (usually there aren’t letter grades) and when it’s over, you can focus on what you liked, and what you didn’t. If you really liked what you learned, look for a similar class. If it was boring or too hard (or easy), try something else. Classes and learning don’t have to end just because school is out!

Two cute school girls doing research on-line in the school libraSome Places to Start:

  • Your Local Library! You’d be amazed at home many free classes are available at your library. And many libraries offer free, or discounted access to other educational sites.
  • Your Local Arts and Craft Store: Many stores offer free or discounted classes to learn new skills or a chance to make a fun craft.
  • Khan Academy: Offers online classes and videos about math, science, computers, history, etc.
  • Skillshare: Access a variety of classes related to discovering or fine-tuning your creative art skills.
  • Craftsy: A marketplace for classes that range from cooking, sewing, photography, etc.
  • Lynda.com: Learn more about technology, business and how to improve your creative skills. (*see if you can get free access to this site through your local library)
  • YouthDigital: Offers a mix of online courses that teach kids technology concepts and skills. Courses are designed to be fun, interactive, and rewarding. Courses range from 3D video game design to digital fashion design.
  • Coursera: This site offers more advanced courses from top universities.
  • Teen girl working out in the gymYour Local Recreation Center: Especially during the summer, they often have a variety of youth classes you can attend for a small fee — like classes to learn new sports, theater acting, crafts, cooking, photography, computer skills, art, photography, and more!

NOTE: Check-in with Your Parents First!

If you find a class you want to try, check in with your parents BEFORE you sign up for anything online. Sometimes, you may think you are signing up for something free, only to find hidden costs. Plus, telling your parents what you’re interested in helps them get to know you better too!


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