Enter Our Charmazing Contest & Win a Party with Skai Jackson or Piper Curda



How cool would it be to have Skai Jackson or Piper Curda show up for a party at YOUR house? BYOU Magazine and Charmazing have teamed  up to make that dream come true for four lucky Grand Prize winners of our Charmazing contest! Here’s what Skai has to say about it:

It’s true, you could win a fun pizza party with Skai Jackson or Piper Curda at your home with you and 20 of your friends! Plus, you’ll be featured in BYOU Magazine! Five second place winners will get a Skype call with Skai or Piper, so there’s lots of opportunities to party with a star!!

It’s super fun and super easy to enter our Charmazing contest, but you’ll need to hurry because deadline is June 30!

Follow these easy instructions to enter to win our Charmazing contest:

  1. Get out your Charmazing bracelet-making supplies! (You can get the Charmazing kits at retailers like Toys ‘R’ Us)
  2. 12-charmazing-bracelet-kit-300x223Design your own unique Charmazing bracelet (the options are endless!)
  3. Take a pic or record a video of your original design and post it on one of your (or your parent’s) social media sites (you’ll need the URL of where the pic/video is to put on the entry form).
  4. Fill out the entry form on our blog HERE. You’ll also find other options there on how to win (like making a video singing the Charmazing song! See below!) Also check out BYOU Magazine’s B-Silly Ella‘s video below for details on how to enter!
  5. Wait to see if you’ve won a Charmazing Party or Skype call with Skai Jackson or Piper Curda! All info about when you’ll be notified and other rules are posted on our blog HERE.

Here’s a hint to increase your chances of meeting Skai or Piper: tell all your friends to enter also because Charmazing Party winners can invite 20 of their friends (like you!). The more of your friends that apply, the better your chances of partying with Skai or Piper!

Check out the Charmazing Song!

Make sure to post a pic or vid of your design on your Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #BYOUcharmazing to spread the word. Plus, BYOU Magazine will repost and retweet their favorites!

Here is B-Silly Ella talking about how to enter:


Look for Charmazing contest winners photos in upcoming issues of BYOU Magazine! Subscribe today so you don’t miss that and more fun and empowering news every girl needs to be her BEST!

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  1. June 25or 26 or27 since I will be in Jamaica in July I’m a big fan of Skai Jackson

  2. I love you two come over my house

  3. My birthday is on February 28 and I want my friends so be so surprised when you are in my limo for my party I really want to have the best party ever

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ssssssssssssssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. Skai please come to my birthday ????♥️

  6. Hey skai jackson i would love for you to come to my house yo y are wonderful at what you do always have faith in yoy dont care what other people react just be you

  7. Skai Please come to my house I love you??????????????????????????????????❤️????❤️??????❤️???plz come to my house skai plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz??????????? I will wait for you skai??????????

  8. hey come to my house piz

  9. Senquazia Ellis

    I love you guys and your shows???????????????????❤? party at my house

  10. Hello I live in Canada and I would love to meet skai.im the same age as her and I’m sure that we would have lots of fun !

  11. Can we meet in Tallahassee please you are my biggest fan and that is one of my first dream

  12. Win a chance for skai Jackson or piper curda to come to your house and have a awesome pizza party with 20 or less amazing friends all you have to do is enter,share with others,and then make a charmazing bracelet while video taping it or sing the charmazing song!! Hope you enter and be sure to jnvite me

  13. Okay so I watch Jessie and I didn’t do it all day !! My dad is having foot surgery and my little sisters birthday is coming up and it wold be so cool if one of you came cause we don’t really have money to do anything me and my to brothers came down for summer to see my dad because we haven’t seen him in a long time so we came down but we can’t do anything because he doesn’t have a lot of money so the all the thing we can do is go to the park so he has to work over time but he still don’t have enough so this would be so cool if we won!!(True story)

  14. Please i have many design my sisters Birthday is coming up I hope you guys can come July 4th she is the biggest fan of you ever she makes Bracelets Looms Necklaces and E rings She has been so excited to know u all are having a contest And she would be thrilled to have you guys. Its her dream to met one of you.. I have been trying I hope you guys pick us Look on her facebook page she is a designer she is the best I know i hope you guys can come we also have a little boy who is parallelized down here to hope we can bring him here and maybe you could help its for a worthy thing that’s why were entering His name is Harley and lives at least 2 houses away from us Kinda like are Best friend hope you guys except us and if you guys can come down here or we can visit there i just hope you guys take the time to read this we are all big fans and its for a worthy thing that’s the only reason why we enter if we win

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