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“Be Yourself” Cover Star: Dove Cameron


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Liv and Maddie star Dove Cameron is BYOU Magazine’s featured cover story for our ‘Be Yourself’ issue. In this popular Disney Channel show, Dove brilliantly stars as BOTH Liv and Maddie. Liv and Maddie are twins, but each stay uniquely true to themselves; Liv as an excitable girly-girl actress and Maddie as a laid-back basketball jock.

However, our choice to feature Dove goes way beyond her ability to portray authenticity as an actress (which she also demonstrates in the Disney Channel movies Cloud 9, Descendants, and Descendants 2)!

Disney Channel's "Liv and Maddie" stars Dove Cameron as Maddie and Liv Rooney. (DISNEY CHANNEL/Craig Sjodin)

Dove Cameron as Maddie and Liv Rooney. (Photo: DISNEY CHANNEL/Craig Sjodin)

In real life, Dove is a powerful example of someone living life as her true self. She often shares openly on social media with powerful comments and no-makeup selfies, but as you’ll read in our exclusive interview with her, Dove shares some amazing wisdom she’s gained during her 20-year journey; one that’s taken her from being a bullied misfit growing up in the state of Washington who then lost a parent in her early teens, to becoming one of young Hollywood’s most popular actresses who is comfortable with who she is.

Here’s an excerpt from Dove’s BYOU Magazine interview…

dove-cameron-byou-magazine-poster-1-web“There is no good that will ever, ever, ever come out of pretending to be somebody you’re not—except for discovering that you really can’t pretend to be somebody that you’re not! If you feel the need to change who you are for the people you surround yourself with, then you’re with the wrong people. Even if you feel drawn to them, it’s never going to work out. Surround yourself with people who can see you for what you are, but that won’t be everybody. I went through that, I was like, ‘I can make anybody see who I am, if I just spend enough time with them.’ But you don’t have enough time in your life to convince everybody of who you are. You only have time to work on yourself and spend time with people that get you from the beginning. You can’t force anything to happen. To find a match, like a friend or eventually a boyfriend or husband, it just has to happen naturally. Don’t force yourself to be somebody you’re not and put yourself through that turmoil; you’ll always find yourself coming up short and being sad, lonely, and confused as to why people don’t get the you that you really are.” ~ Dove Cameron, exclusively for BYOU Magazine

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Dove Cameron Shares Embarrassing Moments with BYOU Magazine’s B-Silly Ella!


BYOU Magazine’s Be Yourself cover star, Dove Cameron gets silly with BYOU Magazine’s B-Silly Ella! The star of Disney Channel’s hit series Liv & Maddie and Ella chat about embarrassing moments and how Dove, Liv, and Maddie would deal with them. Watch the video below:

Dove Talks About Last Episode of Liv & Maddie

Liv & Maddie recently wrapped up filming for the final season of the popular show. It was an emotional moment for Dove Cameron, as she and the cast and crew of Disney Channel’s Liv & Maddie filmed their very last episode of the hit series. Get a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes photos and see what Dove had to say as they called it ‘a wrap’ for the very last time at

last table read ever of Liv and Maddie. emotions on high

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“Make You Stay” by The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

The Girl and the Dreamcatcher is Dove’s band and their single, Make You Stay, is on their new EP ‘Negatives’! TGATDC’s EP is available on iTunes. Learn more about the band HERE.


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