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One of the fun ways BYOU Magazine builds self-esteem in girls is to feature teen & tween celebrities who are positive role models who offer great advice on girl-world topics! Check out some of the celebrities we've featured in our EXCLUSIVE interviews and photo shoots - click on their photo below for their stories, tips, videos, and behind-the-scenes exclusive BYOU Magazine photos!

(More CELEBRITIES pages coming soon - Check back often to see who is next!)

Dove Cameron

Check out what Dove Cameron has to say about BEING YOURSELF!

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Piper Curda

Check out what Piper Curda has to say about DREAMING BIG!

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Kelli Berglund

Check out what Kelli has to say about POSITIVE THINKING!

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Rowan Blanchard

Check out what Rowan has to say about POSITIVE FRIENDSHIPS!

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Bailee Madison

Check out what Bailee has to say about BEING SILLY!

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Laura Marano

Check out what Laura Marano has to say about THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING BACK!

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Stefanie Scott

Check out what Stefanie Scott has to say about how we can HELP STOP BULLYING.

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Katherine McNamara

Read Kat's exclusive interview with her Contest co-star Kenton Duty, and her anti-bullying tips and advice!

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Audrey Whitby

Read Audrey's interview about BFF Allisyn

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Brec Bassinger

Check out what Brec Bassinger has to say about BEING GRATEFUL!

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Skai Jackson

Check out what Skai Jackson has to say about GIRL POWER!

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Bethany Hamilton

Check out what Bethany Hamilton has to say about HEALTHY HABITS!

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Olivia Holt

Check out what Olivia has to say about INNER BEAUTY!

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G. Hannelius

Check out what G has to say about BEING SMART!

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McClain Sisters

Check out what Lauryn, Sierra, and China Anne McClain have to say about SISTERHOOD!

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Peyton List

Check out what Peyton List has to say about POPULARITY!

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Madison Pettis

Check out what Madison has to say about FRIENDSHIP!

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Allisyn Arm

Check out Allisyn as one of our earliest cover stars!

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  1. Thank you for empowering me to be myself and showing me that I can be who I want to be without fear of people being mean!

    A BYou fan

  2. Love this

  3. omg kelli u look beautiful and all will

  4. i really like Oliva Holt i see her in a lot of shows or movies and in everyone shes great

  5. Kelli berglund is the best bc her role in lab rats is awesome

  6. im gonna say all of them are really good actors … i guess the one that is only 1 point above every one is……

    laura marano

  7. Hey I am Olivia I am 13 years old and I live in Illinois nice to meet you guys

  8. i love skai jackson

  9. hello, im Miranda. ive been in the modeling field ever since I was 7 years old

  10. Love yourself. Never let anyone change that. Be positive at all times. Be responsible. Don’t try to be anyone else except yourself.

  11. i love ballie

  12. Be What You Want To Be Not What Others Want To See

  13. You always need to be yourself no matter what

  14. i love you guys disney beacuse show inspiring to kids. i know just be your own im 10 girl, love love you. im tan and brown hair and brown eyes, please respond

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