Moms Are Special! 10 Ways to Honor Mom Mother’s Day & EVERY Day!

Mothers Day Greetings By Cute Bees

Moms hold a special place in our hearts (and FYI, when we say moms, we refer to any amazing woman who offers you motherly love and attention, whether it’s your mom, grandma, aunt, older sister, or dedicated caretaker!). Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remind her how grateful you are for her love and support! After all … moms are the ones who:bigstock-Mother-and-daughters-smiling-f-32022134

  • Ask you every detail of how your day went
  • Have the magical ability to find anything that’s lost but first will ask you to find it
  • Let you have the last bite of dessert even though she really wants it
  • Check your temperature a million times when you’re sick
  • Say ‘no’ to every pet but a goldfish
  • Let you spit your gum into her hand when there’s no place else to put it
  • Sneak something healthy into your snack when you’d rather have Cheetos
  • Will try to match your socks even though you don’t care if they match
  • Want to hold your hand every time you cross a street together
  • Always know where the Scotch tape is
  • Find the stuff under your bed when you told her you cleaned your room
  • Dare to smell your socks to see if they are dirty
  • Go with you to buy your first “you-know-what”bigstock-Closeup-of-mother-and-daughter-48257138
  • Wonder why it’s so hard for you to hang up your clothes and put your shoes away
  • Always have a built-in lie detector
  • Remind you how many times she changed your stinky diapers when you don’t do your chores
  • You can tell your secrets to, even the embarrassing ones
  • Love you unconditionally and will always be your BEST FRIEND!
  • What makes your mom so special? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Ways to Honor Your Special “Mom” on Mother’s Day (or ANY day!):

1) Write her a sweet letter and surprise her by placing it in her purse.

2) Offer to help clean the house, do the laundry, and take the trash out.

3) Pamper her and tell her to relax while giving her a manicure & pedicure!

4) Talk to her about your dreams for the future, and ask her what she dreamed of at your age.

5) Create a mother-daughter scrapbook with pictures and give it to her to keep forever.

6) Just the two of you – snuggle up on the couch and watch her favorite childhood movie.

7) Offer to wash the inside and outside of her car without receiving allowance.

8) Compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is – inside & out!

9) Find out what her very favorite food is and make the special dish together.

10) Do a craft, like making homemade sugar scrubs, personalized mugs, and more. Click here for our Mother’s Day Crafts! 

And let’s not forget the great mother that takes cares of all of us…Mother Earth!

Read ways you can honor Mother Earth on Mother’s Day and everyday – click here!

We appreciate ALL our mothers! Thank you for all you do!

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