Meet Brooklyn Wright, Earth Saver Girl!


Brooklyn Wright, Earth Saver GirlGirls Making a DifferenceMeet a real-life superhero! At BYOU Magazine, we love to feature girls who are making a difference in the world, and on this Earth Day 2015, we are super excited to honor  Brooklyn Wright from Atlanta, Georgia as a real-life environmental hero. When Brooklyn was seven years old, she noticed a lot of litter in her community. She tried to talk to people about it, but felt like nobody was listening to her because she was so young. I figured a superhero would get their attention, so I created Earth Saver Girl.” She wrote a book called The Adventures of Earth Saver Girl: Don’t Be a Litterbug. Brooklyn also started visiting schools dressed as Earth Saver Girl to talk about the importance of protecting the environment.

Brooklyn Wright, Earth Saver GirlWhat is it like to talk about environmental issues as Earth Saver Girl? “I feel so happy that they’re listening to me, and when they go home they’ll spread the word to their families. I feel like I’m making a real change and I’m educating people.” In addition to picking up litter, Brooklyn says, “I teach other ways to save the environment, like recycling, turning off the lights when they’re not in use, changing your light bulbs to CFL lights, and brushing your teeth without running the water.”

Now 12 years old, Brooklyn has a message for other young people: “You’re not too young to make a difference, so always reach for your dreams.” Soon, Brooklyn hopes to start a garden for Earth Saver Girl so she can do more interactive programs, especially around Earth Day. When she’s not playing Earth Saver Girl, Brooklyn hangs out with her friends, but she says, “Most of my time goes to helping the environment and learning.” What’s next for Brooklyn? She’s working on a book about how to prevent bullying. We can’t wait to read it!

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