EXCLUSIVE: “Bella and the Bulldogs” Star Brec Bassinger Shares Her New Year’s Resolutions


In her exclusive interview in BYOU Magazine’s NEW YEAR, NEW YOU issue, Nickelodeon star Brec Bassinger talks about her character Bella on Bella and the Bulldogs and why she thinks Bella is a good role model for girls. She also discusses being bullied, the importance of gratitude and what qualities about herself she’s grateful for, her Type 1 diabetes and give-back work with the JDRF Foundation, and offers inspiring “New Year, New You” advice! (download a digital copy today or see below how to get a print copy below)

Brec also gave the scoop on her New Year’s resolutions during her interview with BYOU Magazine’s editor-in-chief Debra Gano. Here’s an excerpt:

Debra: Speaking of motivation, do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Brec: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to exercise every week; not to lose weight or become skinnier but to have a healthier body—I want to change my perspective of why I brec-bassinger-complimentsam working out. My other New Year’s resolution is to give more compliments to people. Being nice and giving compliments is like giving the best gifts because those stay with you forever. When someone gives you clothes, they can go out of style or not fit anymore but compliments stay with you forever. They build confidence, and having confidence is one of those things that every person wants, so by giving someone a compliment you’re building that confidence—and that is one of the best gifts of life. And if you see that you can make other people feel good, you feel good!

Debra: What advice can you share with our readers for starting the New Year?

brec-bassinger-poster-2Brec: Really make it a time to start over. If you have any regrets or if you have anything you wish you could change, let all of that go and become the person you want to be. IT’S A NEW YEAR, make it a NEW YOU and be the person you want to be!

(Photos by Aaron Warkov/Nickelodeon (c) 2015 Viacom International)

Why does Brec think it’s important to be grateful? CLICK HERE to read more inspiring advice from her exclusive interview with BYOU Magazine!

You can read Brec Bassinger’s entire exclusive interview in the latest issue of BYOU Magazine – here’s what else you’ll find in this inspiring issue: (download a digital copy today or see below how to get a print copy)

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  • Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke shares her New Year’s resolutions, plus her fave dessert recipe with BYOU Magazine readers!
  • How can giving back build self-esteem and make you healthier? Find out!
  • QUIZ: How Generous Are You? Take an honest look at your generosity factor!
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  • Real girls who are positive role models, and how YOU can apply to be featured in BYOU!
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