Awkward to Empowered

Awkward to EmpoweredHave you ever had an awkward or embarrassing moment?

Don't freak out over embarrassing moments...learn how to empower your way through them!

Don’t freak out over embarrassing moments; learn how to empower your way through them!

Yeah, us too. In fact, we bet there isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t felt embarrassed over something!

Awkward, embarrassing situations happen to everyone, so rather than letting them take you down, you can use them as a great learning experience to become a more empowered person!

In every issue of BYOU Magazine we post YOUR awkward moments and, like any good BFF, we offer gentle encouragement and tips to empower your way through them to be your BEST you!

Here are a few Awkward to Empowered snippets from past BYOU Magazine issues…



From Honor Your Body Issue:


From Be Yourself Issue:

Awk to emp. Be Yourself issue

From Gratitude issue:

Awkward to Empowered

From Girl Power issue:

Awkward to Empowered

From Dream Big issue:

Awkward to Empowered

From B-Healthy issue:

Awkward to Empowered

From Positive Thinking issue:

Awkward to Empowered

So, are you are itching to share your awkward moments with us? Great, because we can’t wait to read them! Learn how to submit your stories below.

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