How to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox!

Welcome, Autumn Equinox!

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On Monday, September 23, we celebrate the autumnal equinox, commonly known as the first day of fall. This special day of the year is celebrated all over the world in many different ways — from harvesting crops for the coming colder months to groups meditating worldwide at the exact time of the equinox for world peace!

Equinox means equal; meaning on this day, daytime and nighttime will be equal lengths. Once the autumn equinox passes, in the northern hemisphere, our nights will last longer than our days, building up to the Winter Solstice, the “longest night of the year”. The equinoxes and the solstices are important, and powerful, times of the year, so here are some ideas on how you can honor the autumn equinox … and yourself!

  1. Find Balance 
    Twice a year (spring and fall), our daytime and nighttime will be balanced. Now is a great time to find balance in yourself as well. Let go of negativity, and pull in positivity! Forget about that bad grade on your math test, and trust that you’ll do better next time!
  2. Find Your Inner-Harvest 
    An inner-harvest means to think about all the wonderful things you’ve achieved, or maybe the not-so-wonderful things you’ve experienced, since the last equinox (spring). Think about the following: How have you dealtYoung artist painting an autumn landscape with challenges? What have you done over the past few months that’s been positive? What are you grateful for? All these questions will allow you to harvest your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Also consider: What seeds (of thoughts and actions) have I planted that I am now harvesting? Am I happy with my harvest? Does my “thought” garden need some weeds pulled? Remember, you create with your thoughts, so be careful what you’re planting!
  3. Express Yourself! 
    As the weather and colors of nature change, take this time to express yourself. Whether that’s writing in your journal, taking photos, painting, or getting crafty, take some time and let out your creativity. Also think about the deeper meaning of the equinox. The seasons are changing, and so are you! You’re becoming older, and of course, wiser. How does that make you feel? Express your feelings with creativity!
  4. Contemplate 
    Being busy with summer activities and school starting up can Hispanic girl writing in diary on bedbe exhausting! Take the timing of the equinox to slow down a little bit and think about Y-O-U! The earth has found balance during this time and so should you. Try meditating or even yoga to get relaxed and wonderful thoughts flowing.
  5. Bring outside into your home
    We’re all going to miss the outdoors as the colder months start rolling in. So bring outside into your room and house! Freshen up your indoor space with candles for more natural light, or try making a autumn wreath with fallen leaves and branches. (Of course, you should get outside and take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather too!)

Enjoy this special time of the year; it’s truly a beautiful thing to watch the earth change and feel yourself grow!

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