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Today's fast environment requires smart marketers to leverage multiple channels of communication to reach and impact your customers. By using multiple channels, each is boosted by the other, achieving the highest ROI results!

Large brands know this and leverage their buying power to enhance their presence and results.  They smartly buy up as much inventory as their budgets allow in every channel.  But, even they have the problem of being placed side-by-side with their competitors or being forced to buy more of one channel than another to compete.

Smaller brands with smaller marketing budgets are forced into the same situation, but with less buying power.  They will typically solution this problem by focusing their budget on one or two channels like social media or possibly video; however, this leaves out entire audiences and potential customers—along with not being able to compete with larger competitors who outspend them!

We’ve had numerous conversations with our current and potential advertisers, and asked them all the same question: "What do we need to do to help you accomplish your goals and grow your business?"

Similar answers came from both large and small budget marketers:

1.  "Provide me with a multi-channel solution I can make work in my budget."
2.  "Help me gain an edge in the teen/tween market our competitors don't have."
3.  "Ensure I get the absolute most targeted impressions and clicks for the spend and make it a huge value."
4.  "Help me achieve my ROI goals."
5.  "Help me stand out in the crowd, escape the clutter, be the brand they see most often."

So, we went to the drawing board.  Our goal was to provide the platform that accomplished all of the above.

Our solution is simple:  Change how our advertising is offered from an a-la-cart CPM or CPC option, to an “all-the-cart” opportunity!  Include ALL the channels with no limits on impressions or clicks AND provide Category Exclusivity!

Category Exclusivity for YOUR Brand!

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To eliminate the "clutter" and have your brand stand out to provide the "edge on your competitors," you will be one of a maximum of 12 total advertisers in 12 categories allowed per month. You will get the highest visibility possible for the time we promote your brand.

The 12 category exclusive advertisers are on every page of all our websites, in every email to our 350,000-person database, digital app, social media, and video channels.

We understand that this is a unique approach, no other media group offers this—and DEFINITELY not at our current introductory rates with category exclusivity included!

Get the ROI and exclusivity you desire in our network of over one million unique teen and tween girls! Call, email, or fill out the form below today to find out what our availability is for your category. (For FAQs, please scroll down.)

To your success!

Phil Gilliam
Director of Sales & Partnerships
BYOU Magazine

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It seems like a lot of moving parts, how do I manage all of the options to ensure I don’t miss anything?

We agree, the new packages have a TON of options and exposure, that is why you will have a dedicated staff member working with you and our automated uploading/approval system to ensure that we have all the data we need as well as a way to manage and ensure you are getting every opportunity owed to you!

Can I “reserve” a Month for Category Exclusivity?

No, months can only be reserved by contract as the Category Exclusivity is quite strict.

Can I change and adjust the Ads throughout the month?

You can and are encouraged to do so!

How did you come to the “Current Market Rate Value?”

We researched multiple channels including our competition for the rates charged in each of the line items we provide, we only focused on direct placement in the teen and tween space for accuracy, took an average of all of those and factored in our estimated impressions we will deliver.

Why such a significant discount vs the “Current Market Rate Value”?

We know that the way we are now selling our inventory is unique, not only in the Teen and Tween market space, but across media. We also know that for an advertiser to be successful they have to have multi-channel options that are the best ROI they can get. That all being said, we decided for the 1st quarter of 2017 to offer the program (regardless of months purchased) with a healthy discount as a promotion, they will not stay there!

Can I contract for a single month?

Absolutely, however there are even more discounts for 3, 6, 12 consecutive months and of course the added benefit of locking out your competitors for that entire time.