18 Ways to B-Silly!

Be silly!


Silliness is contagious and builds self-esteem! By being silly you’ll encourage others to do the same (just remember to be respectful of where and when you let your silly self come out)! Here are some ideas to get you started; we promise you’ll be laughing!

  1. Wear your clothes backwards (or inside out)!
  2. Break into random dance breaks throughout the day.
  3. Walk like a duck in the grocery store.
  4. Have an entire conversation without using the word “the” (good luck!)
  5. Wear your sunglasses upside down.
  6. Order food through the fast food drive-thru in your best foreign accent.
  7. Create your own gibberish language and act confused when people don’t understand you.
  8. Sing your favorite song off key really loud.
  9. Say “proper copper coffee pot” three times fast!
  10. Wear two different socks that don’t match in color, style, or length.
  11. Better yet, wear two different shoes!
  12. Draw a picture of yourself with your eyes closed.Be Silly!
  13. Draw a mustache on your face with non-permanent marker and say your mom won’t let you shave yet.
  14. Put together the most mismatched outfit, and with a straight face, ask your BFF is she likes it.
  15. Wear a clown nose and tell people “I have a cold.”
  16. Take a walk wearing your raincoat/goulashes/umbrella on a sunny day.
  17. Wear every hair accessory you own…all at once! Create your own Crazy Hair Day!
  18. Have a “silliest photo” contest with your friends (and then send your photos to BYOUMag!)

How do you like to B-Silly? Visit our B-SILLY page & tell us how!


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