10 Ways to Learn More About STEM


stem-post-1It’s cool to be smart, so in every issue of BYOU Magazine we feature B-Smart puzzles and facts to exercise your brain!

One way to B-Smart is by studying STEM. STEM fields include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Though there are many cool things to learn in the STEM fields, unfortunately less than 25% of STEM jobs are held by women*.  But that is changing as more and more girls explore STEM fields, and there are numerous ways to explore STEM. Check out these fun ideas!

1. Start a club.

Have an interest that you don’t see in your community? This is the perfect opportunity to start your own club! Whether it’s a chemistry club, a future engineer club, or a technology-based club, you’ll be able to turn your interests into something fun and meaningful! You can also learn how to start a coding club through Girls Who Code here.

2. Make a website

Take a class at your school or in your community to learn how to design your own website. Building a website is a great way to combine your technical skills and creativity!

3. Go to a workshop or event

You can search for events in your area on the Made With Code website! For other events, check out the websites of local colleges, community centers, and libraries.

stem-post-24. Complete projects online

On the Made With Code website, you can design your own bracelet or even create a GIF!

5. Take a STEM class at school

Have you always had an interest in STEM but didn’t know how to get involved? Or maybe you didn’t realize all that STEM had to offer. Well, you can make STEM part of your daily schedule by taking a class at school! Don’t worry about if the class is mostly boys; be the smart girl that you are and embrace your intelligence! You can even encourage your friends to sign up too!

6. Join the robotics team

Who doesn’t love brainstorming ideas and building new things? Joining the robotics team allows you to be creative and innovative while also learning about technology.

7. Find a mentor

A great way to learn more about something that interests you is connecting with someone who knows a lot about your interest. Whether one of your family friends is an engineer or your older cousin fixes computers at her college, talking to someone who has turned her passion into her profession is interesting! NASA also has a program that allows girls to work with virtual mentors who are real NASA employees!

8. Be a mentor

Maybe you already love STEM fields and know a lot about them. Encourage a younger sister or cousin or friend to get involved! You can show her the projects you’ve worked on and tell her about why you love STEM.

9. Explore careers

As you look at all of this information about STEM, you might have tons of questions. That’s okay; in fact, having questions is great because it means you’re analyzing new information and thinking of new ideas! Engineer Girl lets you ask an engineer a question or look at questions engineers have already answered.

10. Take a field trip

Even if your school isn’t taking a field trip, see if a mentor of yours would allow you to visit her office and see what she truly does. Seeing ideas come to life is super inspiring!

Above all, pursue what excites you regardless of preexisting stereotypes. Go build something incredible and break barriers; no subject is just for boys. If you love something, then it’s for you.

*2011 report by Commerce’s Economic and Statistics Administration

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