5 Ways Yoga Keeps You Confident


Yoga is a great sport that helps improve balance, coordination, strength, and overall good physical health. But, did you know that it keeps your mind healthy too? In our “B-Healthy” issue, featuring pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton, we provide some tips on how to stay healthy in both mind and body. Check out these five ways yoga can help a confident mind and body while staying healthy — just in time for summer!

 1. Reduce stress

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Yoga will help you relax! According to Mayo Clinic, this sport reduces stress and helps improve your mood. Yoga let’s you focus on Y-O-U for that period of time and forget everything that is going on in the world.

 2. Sleep better

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for staying healthy! If you yoga 2can’t sleep, it’s probably because you can’t get your mind to sleep. Yoga helps you relax your mind and helps you have an easier time relaxing before bed. A Harvard study showed that the activity can also help improve sleep quality. Getting to sleep quicker and having a better night’s rest sounds good to us!

3. No competition

When you do yoga, you focus on YOU. All that matters in yoga is your connection to yourself and the world around you. You don’t need to be better at yoga than someone else; everyone has their own, unique style. Less pressure to be like everyone else, and focusing on yourself and your own achievements is a perfect way to feel confident and healthy!

 4. Improve concentration 

Ever catch your mind wandering while reading a book or watching TV? Daydreaming and imagining is yoga 3great, but it’s also important to concentrate on what’s happening in front of you. According to Yoga Alliance, this activity helps you concentrate and improves your memory. Because of this, yoga may also help you do well in school!

 5. Increase confidence

Self-confidence is the best! Through yoga, you become more confident as you learn new poses and recognize your ability to succeed. With practice, you will get better at balance and poses. As you become more aware of and comfortable with your body, the way you see your body will improve for a healthier body image. According to a study from University of California, Berkeley, people who practiced yoga had more confidence in their bodies!

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