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Note, the reviews below are from mom bloggers who reviewed BYOU Magazine as a print/digital publication before we transitioned to our annual Girls Empowerment Membership program (which includes digital magazines of over 15 of BYOU Magazine’s most popular issues PLUS self-esteem webinars, monthly empowerment chats, weekly articles/tips, and much more!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO).

Here are excerpts of reviews (click on link to read entire review):

It provides a great forum for girls who have questions and are seeking advice on their friendships and school struggles.  At this age, it is really refreshing to read articles about bullying and cliques and fitting in, and not have to worry about your child reading about things they just aren’t ready for yet.
Ottawa Mommy Club

BYOU Magazine is fantastic encouragement for girls today and a wonderful resource for moms.
Saved Sister

Today’s media makes girls feel not good enough, though what they are seeing & comparing themselves to isn’t even reality. BYOU Magazine is working against this message that “you’re not good enough,” and that’s definitely something worthwhile.
If I Had Something To Say

BYOU (Be Your Own You!) Magazine is truly an inspirational and positive publication for girls about ages 8-16. In a culture where women and girls are regarded as sex symbols, it’s so important to reinforce the message of self value and self-esteem. A subscription to BYOU Magazine is the perfect gift.
New and Natural Mom

What I really love about BYOU Magazine is that they feature positive celebrity role models, self-esteem tips, advice, posters, quizzes, crafts, puzzles fun content, games and much more. Each issue is jammed pack with something to peak the interest of whatever personality your daughter has. And has topics which include friendships, bullying, inner beauty, empowerment and more.
Not In Jersey

[My daughter] is super excited to continue getting the magazine and reading it. Each issue contains positive teen and tween role models, craft ideas, puzzles to exercise your brain, silly jokes, and of course, stories that inspire self-esteem and empowerment.
Coupon WAHM

I was thrilled to find a magazine that focuses on stories about real girls, how to make a positive difference and community service while also featuring fun games, crafts, advice and jokes.
ABCD Diaries

A magazine specifically for tween girls that provides them positive role models, shows them that regular girls can be heroes, and that beauty comes in a variety of packages, small, large, light, dark, it doesn’t matter… beauty comes from within.
Mom Pop Culture

It is definitely not your average teen magazine and is such a great way to show teens how to become confident and empowered. I love that is makes everyday “average” girls heroes.  It also lets girls know that they do not have to conform to the majority by encouraging them to following their own path. Party Of Three, But Room For More

BYOU is a great resource – you can use the magazines themselves in group and individual settings, or as inspiration for classroom, group, and individual activities for girls and boys.
School Counseling by Heart

I personally consider it a lot better than most of the teen magazines out there today, which mostly focus on fashion, and very little on becoming a confident and empowered teen.
Edge of Insanity

This magazine has a good balance of both entertainment and education, teaching these girls self-esteem in a way that will hopefully be life-sustaining.
Close To Home

It is a nice mix of fun content like quizzes, puzzles, jokes, and craft ideas combined with more serious articles, tips and Q&A on topics like friendship, girls making a difference, BFF dramas and bullying.

The messages in this magazine are suitable for all girls, and unlike the newsstand magazines that seem to want our girls to think about how they look on the outside, BYOU focuses on nurturing the inside. I wish I could give all of my readers with daughters a subscription to this magazine.
Moms Get Real

While I lingered over the star-studded pages of ‘Teen Beat’ as a girl, as a mother I’d much prefer my daughter to be engrossed in magazines like ‘BYOU’. The message “be your own you” is an excellent mantra, I think, for mother and daughter alike.

Now she (my daughter) has her magazine and I can be thankful that it is one designed just for her.
Rita Reviews

My favorite part?  The pages that featured readers and their advice, their favorite things and what they feel makes them unique.  Sometimes they even spoke about their own struggles, so that other readers can relate to them.  And the readers were a diverse group of kids.
-Notes of Jubilee, Mom Blogger

BYOU is a great choice of positive, fun reading for girls & plenty of articles to read through. I highly recommend it. You’ll love the various content that will appeal to most girls 7- 15 years old. The photography & quality of BYOU magazine was high quality, the articles in BYOU magazine well written.
Dear Creatives

I think BYOU is a magazine we will have in our home for many years to come. It is full of great articles and fun projects.
Emily Reviews

It makes me so happy to see a magazine like BYOU where my girls can see girls that look like them, to read articles about young girls all over the world making a difference, embracing who they are, and loving themselves.
The Mahogany Way

…the best magazine available on the market. I am so grateful for this magazine. You will never know.
A Mom’s Rantings

It was a magazine focused on empowering young girls to be a positive force…and just being yourself…well, it was a no brainer. House of Tubers

As soon as my daughter started reading it, she was glued to the magazine.
Poppin’ Cents

I  would definitely choose this over some of the other “teen” magazines out there now. Mom-Approved! Sincerely Stacie

Give the gift of BYOU Magazine to your tween. It is the only tween magazine WeHeartMom has personally approved!
We Heart Mom

…a big thumbs up!
Hanging Off the Wire

BYOU Magazine- or Be Your Own You – is much like Seventeen of our generation, but better.
Chevron Stitches

It’s all about driving home the point of having healthy self-esteem. However, it’s fun. It has games, puzzles, interviews, and great information – done in a fun way, but still with that amazing self-esteem message!
November Sunflower

It was very refreshing to find BYOU and see that there is an alternative to mainstream magazines, which clearly focus on looks and materialistic wealth.
Live Like A Mom

What I liked about BYOU Magazine is how wonderful it made my girls feel and how my girls started to think about all the great things about themselves while reading it.
Daily Adventrues of a Work at Home Mom 

My daughter was drawn to the ‘beauty’ articles. And I was impressed by the fact that the word ‘beauty’ in BYOU is always preceded by the word ‘inner’.
The Spin Cycle 
As a mother of a thirteen year old daughter, I am a huge fan of anything that helps young girls gain self-confidence; and I recognize how important these tween years are in establishing a healthy self image — one that will hopefully last a lifetime.As a mom, I have to say that BYOU is fantastic and most definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
Booking Mama
So many girls are lacking self esteem these days, what a great way to help them over come all that!  With stories by real girls that have the same issues, this is perfect for your daughter!
3 Boys and a Dog
BYOU Magazine really promotes self-esteem and positive, healthy self-image in tween and teen girls. My older daughter absolutely loves the magazine. It has the same look and feel of many teen/tween magazines, but with a much healthier perspective. There are tips on relationships, fashion, and beauty, but they are much more wholesome. Instead of promoting fashions and tips that make a girl look too grown up for their age, they promote having your own unique sense of style. Instead of tips that push toward dating relationships, they focus on healthy interactions with friends and peers. BYOU Magazine is a great option for girls who want to subscribe to a teen mag, but parents who are unhappy with some of the traditional girls magazines out there.
Motherhood Moment
We can instruct our children all we want, but the truth is they will always go after role models their own age. Take the example of Justin Beiber. Here comes a magazine which promotes positive thinking, builds self-esteem and teaches about girl power in general. It has lots of games, puzzles, and stories targeted towards girls of 7-15 years of age.

Another favorite for the both of us is the fun craft projects like the Attitude of Gratitude journal. What a great way to inspire girls to have a positive attitude and to be thankful for all of the positive things they have in life. There is even another project for inspirational bookmarks that would be perfect to use in your personalized gratitude journal. These projects are great for us to do together or a fun way for her to spend some time away from the computer.
Thirty Something Super Mom

A girl can only have so many ‘things.’ Why not inspire your daughter  with a gift that will  provide her with tools to guide her through the tough times and empower her for a lifetime – the priceless gift of self-esteem and self-love. This magazine is so empowering for our girls.  It is full of inspiration!  Unlike other magazines on the market that teach girls to flirt, apply make-up, etc.  this magazine empowers our youth!
One Momma Saving Money


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  2. I’d like to know more about the Webinars. When do they happen, and what is discussed, and can parents also be a part of it, even marginally?

    I wasnt able to find much detailed info on it, except the advertising.


  3. I love BYOU! It has changed me for the better. Unlike the other magazines I have subscribed for in the past, you aren’t all about growing up, which can be over-stressful without the reminders, or “other people’s abilities you should be inspired about”, which can hurt self-esteem and make me feel not good enough. When I tried to get involved in these magazines, I felt worthless when I didn’t do anything to make the magazine better. BYOU has countless girls mentioned that are just everyday people who shine brightly. The webinars that come with the magazine help me fell noticed by other people. I wish every girl could have at least one BYOU magazine on their magazine shelf.

  4. I got a BYOU magazine subscription for my 12 year old daughter for Christmas. After reading many reviews online about other magazines I was disgusted with the content that was included in the magazines written for tween girls. Through my searching I found BYOU. I love it! It is perfect for girls this age. I love that it focuses on building self-esteem, becoming more confident, and having courage to stand up for what you believe in. It helps them see the beauty in themselves. I had some problems with my order and it wasn’t going to be here in time for Christmas. I spoke with someone in customer service. They were very nice and helpful. They were more than willing to help me with this problem. I received a copy to give to my daughter the day before Christmas! Thank you for having exceptional customer service and for providing girls with an uplifting magazine to read.

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  6. I am a BIG fan of BYOU, and I just want to say I love your magazine! Other than other, inappropriate magazines, you give a beautiful, and positive message to tweens/teens, and I really like that! Instead of making me feel worse about being 13, you actually give me a wonderful view of life and myself! Thank-you for making me realize that to be truly pretty, is to be your own you! I’ll always be a big fan!!

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