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Space Scooter (1 Winner ages 8)

Space Scooter

All Star Posh Pak Sample subscription box (3 winners)

Posh Pak

BEDDI Style Clock (1 Winner)

style clock

BeYu lip gloss & mascara set (5 Winners)

beyu lip gloss

Ignite Your Spark: Discover Who You Are from the Inside Out (5 Winners)

Spark Book

Tia Girl Club Welcome Box (3 Winners)

Tia Welcome

BeLOVED Life Pillow (4 Winners – indicate SHINE: “Let Your Light Shine” or PRINCESS: “I Am Wonderfully Made” pillow)

life pillow

EDITOR’S PICK: DYLN Living Water Bottle (2 Winners)

Ulysses Press craft book pack (3 Winners)

Calming Book

Dancing Poppy Speaker (1 Winner)

Dancing Poppy Speaker

Case Station phone case (2 Winners)

Case Station

Tee4Too t-shirt (2 Winners – women’s size medium: indicate “Block Out the Haters” or “Squad Goals” design)


Alice Mini Dress (1 Winner – women’s sizeL indicate XS, S, M, or L)

Alice mini dress

Udoo beanie hat (3 Winners)


Like A Girl coloring Book (7 Winners)

like a girl book

Derek Hough Empowerment Box (3 Winners)

derek hough box

EDITOR’S PICK: BlissLights laser light mini projector (1 Winner)

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  1. I have been subscribed to this magazine for 3 years now, and winning would mean a lot to me and my whole family who are huge supporters as well!

  2. I really hope I get one of these not just because it would be free and all for me but so I could share with my younger sister to make her happy as well!!!

  3. I just found out about this magazine and it’s totes amaze! I hope I win! I would want anything fashionable I love fashion and everyone always tells me what great style I have. I wanna keep reading these magazines as well. So could I plz win at least a small thing!!! Kisses, meπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  4. I really hope I win I have never won anything I really haven’t no lie so I really want to win

  5. This is my very first entry with this magazine so I’m not exactly counting on winning 😐

  6. I hope I win I am only 10 years old and this is my first time entering so I really hope I win


  8. It would mean a lot to me if I could win one and thank y’all for doing these magazines! They help me through tough times realize that I am worth a lot.

  9. Hi, please pick me to win… My top three choices are the Yoobi School Supply Prize Pack, the Posh Pack Sample Subscription Box and the Ulysses Press “Calming” Book Pack. Thank you!

  10. I love this magazine! It is so inspirational thank you BYOU!

  11. PRIZESFAL16 Yoobi school supply prize pack, BeanBoozled Spinner Box and Watchitude

  12. this is sooooo COOL!

  13. These magazines help me so much through tough times they really understand what girls have to go through every day. I’m not the richest person in the world and I’d love to win. Either way I hope that if it can’t be me that it’ll go to someone who deserves it more than I do.😘

  14. Hi, I really want to be picked because I have so much dedication to this series of magazines, and they really help me!!! I Really would appreciate it!!!


  16. I HOPE I WIN

  17. as long as one cool girl wins I am happy

  18. Lyndsey Osborne

    Hello, I really hope i get my first choice prize or any of them will work. Thank you guys for the magazine that you guys gave me. i really hope i am in one of them.

  19. Thanks for the chance to get free prizes. Good luck guys

  20. I hope to win I’m praying πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  21. The people who deserve to win these people especially the blanket are people who don’t have the same resources as us. They don’t have house,food and warmth every day like we do.

  22. Makenzie McKibben

    I really hope that I win, my fingers are crossed, but if I don’t win congratulations to those who win.

  23. It would be a christmas miracle, if I got the sheets!

  24. I just got my last magazine, and I don’t know if I will be able to get a renewal. I haven’t won it before, but I would really love to win it, since this is likely my last chance.

  25. this is my first time i hope i win but with so many girls i sure i wont but i can give it a try

  26. your books are awesome, hope we win. im poor we need some stuff we can really use please. thanks love u all

  27. It doesn’t matter if you win just like if you win a game. Its just for fun so don’t. Go crying if you don’t win

  28. I love BYOU magazines because they help me to accept who I am (I have had a lot of self doubt) and I’m just very inspired by the magazines to be who I am and not worry about what others think. (Winning this would also make me very happy.) I’m in fifth grade, and I love having these magazines around to calm me down when I’m upset. I also want to be a star like the girls on the magazines when I’m older, so please help me to accomplish my dream by letting me win. LOL!!!

  29. Best of luck to every one!

  30. Trinity Reichart

    Good luck everyone!

  31. Susan Shuttlesworth

    Would love to win.


  33. I absolutely love your magazines, they taught me a lot.

  34. i hope i get a prize i have done it before but did not win i hope i win best of luck to everyone who entered.

  35. I’m probably not going to get an awesome prize but these magazines are enough to make me feel good about myself

  36. I feel great about myself every time I read one of the BYOU magazines. I may not get the prize I want…or any prize at all but I still get the magazines to help me feel great about myself.i hope people that actually need the prizes get one

  37. I hope the best of luck to all of you. It was fun to look at all the prizes, and I only got my issue today! Best of luck,

  38. thanks

  39. we want 2 of the BYOU maganize water bottles. one pink, one purple. code is

  40. I would like to win I love your mags so pretty please with a cheery on top. thanks any way

  41. I love photography but my family can’t afford an ice camera for me so I would love it if I won the camera! But if I don’t, I hope whoever gets it will love it and as much as I would!

  42. I love BYOU and I would love to get a prize! I’m finally getting my own room for the first time in 10 years soon and it would be nice to have something new for it!

  43. I hope I get this πŸ™‚

  44. This Magizen Is awesome. It makes me fell good about myself again!

  45. I feel terrible, I got my entree all filled out and just saw that I was too late cause the contest ended on the 15th and it’s the 28th ?

  46. I’m not very lucky so I probably won’t win but good luck to the rest of you?

  47. Really want to win so I can raffle off it for the fundraiser I am doing (All the money goes to WATER FOR SOUTH SUDAN)!!!!!

  48. When will we find out if we won?

  49. Really want to win so I can raffle it off for the fundraiser I’m doing by the way all the money goes to WATER FOR SOUTH SUDAN ???

  50. I really hope I win!
    I’m Begging

  51. Me too it’s awesome

  52. me to -Haleigh- i have been trying for 2 years now and nothing but i will not give up

  53. I look forward to getting BYOU’s magazines i love the give aways and ask Kelli i love to see all of the stars too and people helping in their communities like stopping bulling or picking up trash

  54. I really like byoumagazine its funny and sweet I really hope I win because my family can’t afford braces for me and I really need them

  55. hey i’m new I would love to know when we get the prizes if we win one

  56. It would cool if I won the backpack or the headphones! I really like reading the BYOU magazine!

  57. I love BYOU magazine they give so much good advice and i would really really really like to win the Shoenique prize

  58. I need to win because i need braces

  59. It would be cool if I win! But I have very bad luck but we will see if I don’t I can always do a different contest

  60. I love byou so much they give so much good advic and it helps me!!❀️❀️ I would love to win one of the Emojicon mini backpack or the RoomLookz or the frozen hd action camera they all look super amazing and if I Win one of these idk hat I’ll do I’ll just b so happy?☺️

  61. This is so awesome I hope I win!

  62. Thanks to all you awesome girls for entering to win our BYOU Mag prizes! And thanks for sharing your comments too, it’s fun to see how excited everyone is πŸ™‚

    Here’s a note we got from a girl named Autumn that we wanted to share:
    “Hope the girls that win can enjoy their prizes, or even better, go to someone in need. If you cannot give to me, I ask for the prizes to go to someone in need.”

    Thanks for being a do-gooder Autumn!

  63. Really hope i win the roomlooxz pack. I just remolded my room and it would be a cool thing to get some new things to add on! I LOVE BYOU!!!

  64. I wish I get something this is my first time entering

  65. Really want to win! This is my first BYOU Magazine and it’s really close to my birthday so I would love to get something in the mail from BYOU!

  66. My first BYOU magazine and I really hope I win something.

  67. I really want to win

  68. Yay can’t wait

  69. I REALLY want to win!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  70. I just started getting the magazine. I am excited to try something like this.

  71. The thing I want most is Shoenique. I’m really into fashion, and I really want to win! I LOVE BYOU!!!!!!!


  73. When do you know when you win?

  74. Want to win so bad wild smiles braces want it so bad!!!!!!!!!(fingers crossed)

  75. emojicon backpack here i come

  76. I really hope I win I need those wild smiles braces????

  77. This is my first time doing this and I dont care if I win because there are other girls who have done this more than I have and they have never won and they would be grateful to win and I want them to be happy.

  78. This is my first time ever doing this and I dont really care if I win because I know that there is someone out there who has done this more times than I have and they have never won, and they would be grateful to win and I want them to win!!!!!!!!!!

  79. I really hope I win the Holiday eos Lip Balm

  80. I hope I win

  81. I hope I win

  82. It’s my last magazine!:( I have never won anything and really hope I win:)

  83. Hi I really hope I win the contest

  84. I hope you all win something


  86. Does anyone know when this contest ends?

  87. I just started reading your magazine first thing I the first thing I saw was how to win a prize I really hope I win. I really needed that lip balm. ??

  88. i hope i win a prize and i also hope other people get a chance to win too

  89. Hi, I’m Charlotte and I was wondering if you could featured my role model, Sabrina Carpenter. All of my friends love her too so if she was a featured celebrity I know they would buy the copy and probably subscribe to BYOU magazine. Also, I love your contests and am PRAYING that I get my top prize ( the RoomLookz prize pack). Bye!

  90. I’m the one who’s going to win this thing! ;]

  91. I always enter but I never win I know I don’t live in the u.s.a . Please take this into consideration I hope you reply Debra Gano

  92. OMG i hope i get something

  93. Hi my name is Starlexiah and i want to Win the party i really would like to meet you Skia jackson im 15 years old thanks have a nice day enjoy!!

  94. I really really really really really really really really want to win it I really want to.

  95. I love Byou magazine!!every time I read one, it gives me confidence!! plus,I get a lot of advice

  96. when does the contest end?

  97. kiara maldonado

    Please. I really want this and its a fantastic time to win one of these. If I do, I will be soooooo happy. Also thank u guys. And I hope I win?

  98. Hi my name us Ella I love your stuff that really inspired me I’m not gonna say much because if I excited about something then start talking to someone about it I will keep on talking about it.Well anyway I like that stuff it inspired me to do alot if things . I juss thank you for your help

  99. I have been a subscriber for several years and it would mean a lot to me if I won byou has such inspiring stories and the crafts are so cool I love byou and it would be so cool to win I hope I do win

  100. it would be so cool if I won

  101. I ,really , really ,really ,really ,really, really, really, want to win

  102. omg I cant wait to see who wins the contest I so hope its me lol byou is my favorite mag ever

  103. I think you can make an issue of Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Paris Berelc, or Sabrina Carpenter.

  104. PLEASE be nice enough to win please

  105. I WANT TO WIN

  106. pick me to win

  107. help a little girl win please pick me

  108. i want to win really bad

  109. i really want to win let me win please

  110. i really want to win i cant wait until you pick the winners i hope im one of them please let me win or just pick me to win

  111. PLEASE







  118. please let me win i love byou magazines and to win would really give me hope for the future so please im very excited and think your awsome so please lat me win. dont you want to make a little girl happy.

  119. i love bym

  120. I think they should stick to all girls. When you think of one direction you don’t think girl power

  121. You should make a magazine staring one direction

  122. That would be awesome

  123. Natalya Becerra

    I can’t wait to see who wins!

  124. i really want the anti-acne mask.if i got that i would be sooo happy it would make my year i have my fingers crossed for it.

  125. Are people from england allowed to enter ?

  126. Can you please feature Fifth Harmony on one of the magazines please. They are are a huge inspiration and I think they would be great in this magazine. Thank you if you read this ?

  127. Can you please feature Fifth Harmony in on of your magazines. They are a huge inspiration to me and it would mean a lot if you feature them. Thank you if you read this ?

  128. thanks debra gano. oh i also like to say that i realy like your the stuff you write in the mags its realy nice and thats one of the things i like about byou πŸ˜‰

  129. OMG werent u in a magazine?

  130. I really hope that I win the Sabrina Carpenter CD because me and my sister are both her biggest fans. She is an inspiration to us.

  131. thanks and don`t worry i will keep trying

  132. Please can you email me who has won when the competition is finished even though i know i havent won thank you so much

  133. Megan, if you win a prize from BYOU Magazine you’ll be alerted by email. You’ll also receive your prize in the mail. Good luck!

  134. when do we find out if we’ve won???

  135. Ryleigh, please do not get discouraged. Keep entering to win & hopefully you’ll win a prize very soon. Thank you for being such a loyal subsriber. We’re so glad to hear that you love reading BYOU Magazine! xo

  136. i have ben a byou subscriber for a year and soon about to be for 2 years, i realy love this mag i realy love to help and tips it has giving but i have to say that out of all the things i like about byou i realy love the contests but i have never one a thing from them πŸ™ and i have ben subscribing for a year so i lil upset but still hopful. i hope all you girls out there do better at wining than me good luck and keep on being byou πŸ™‚

  137. I hope I win!!

  138. What date exactlly r u drawing for the latest magazine

  139. What date exactlly r u drawing for the latest magazine

  140. The giveaway prize winners are randomly selected every sixty days or so. You’ll be notified by phone or email if you’ve won a prize from BYOU Magazine. Good luck!

  141. Fingers crossed!

  142. The next magazine is our September/October issue, and that should arrive in mid-September!

  143. When do u do the drawing for the newest magazine winners

  144. I didnt win ……. well next time ??????

  145. When does the next magazine issue publish ?

  146. I need hot jewels and selfie stick and a posh monthly subscription box and lastly nice stuff canvas cinch backpack

  147. Good Luck To You too

  148. YOU ARE SO LUCKKY!!! I loe sabrina carpenter rowan blanchard and kelli berglund!!!!!!!

  149. Will there be the same prize giveaways or will their be new giveaways to enter throughout the summer @
    Please would you consider foreigners to enter in the next giveaway
    Thank you ??

  150. Isabella, if you win a free prize from BYOU Magazine, you’ll be notified by phone and/or email. Good luck!

  151. Us too, fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  152. Briana, there is no age limit to BYOU “Be Your Own You” Magazine’s ‘Free Stuff’ prize giveaway, however, mostly all of the prizes are best fitted to girls ages 8-15. Good luck!

  153. how do you know if you win

  154. I boldly hope i win :):):0;0;):):):);):):)):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);0))::):):):):):):):):))::):):):):):):):):):):):):):B)


  156. Hi Umamah, BYOU Magazine’s ‘Free Stuff’ prize giveaway are open to US residents only at this time. BUT that doesn’t mean that it won’t open up to our foreign subscribers in the future. Please stay tuned at for updates on your question. Thank you!

  157. Hello Umamah,
    Good news! Our ‘Free Stuff’ prize giveaways are ongoing, so they never really “close”! The SUMMER 2015 issue giveaway, however, ends in September. Good luck!

  158. When does the competition close ?

  159. Im really hoping for a posh pak the most or charmazing , fingers crossed Γ—Γ—Γ— I love byou its so inspirational 1 question
    Do you have to live in america to win ? Because i dont live in America
    If not will not living in america and entering this competition affect the chances of winning ? Please reply thank u so much

  160. I love my latest copy of BYOU..lots of good stuff to read

  161. i love Sabrina carpenter’s music and i have my fingers,legs,eyes and toes crossed to get it ! i am a b-you Magazine Subscriber it is an amazing source of empowerment ! Debra Gano please please please with a cherry on top ,read this comment !!! πŸ™‚

  162. Love this magazine!

  163. when do they tell you if you won something

  164. when do you get the phone call or email?

  165. I am hoping to win… I just got a package for the ever after high and netflix. FINGERS CROSSED! πŸ™‚

  166. I do to, I am going to the concert in seattle the 8th

  167. I love Sabrina carpenter’s music my fingers are double crossed for the AUTOGRAPHED CD. I never won anything from this before and would love it if I could. I am a subscriber and love the magazines. I can’t wait for more to come. BYOU is such an inspiration to pre teens/ teens who are feeling insecure about themselves. DEBRA GANO PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT! <3

  168. Wow I am so happy that I won a Hipsy headband. Thank you so much. Good luck to other people hoping to win.

  169. Byou is great! It helps you with any of your struggles, and keeps you motivated! I love this magazine so much! πŸ™‚ It would be awesome if I won, but I want other girls to have the chance too!

  170. This is my first time on this website i hope I win the contest.

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  172. wow i will thx

  173. hey girls out there i just want to say that byou helps me byou and that you all should play woozworld i play it and love it if any of you allready play it or not i can help you just look up dance party shes my wooz and il help you i love to help and dance party is a easy to find player so if you need help plzzzzz look me up

  174. you guys are the best inspiring so thank you so much

  175. you guys are so inspiring and i like the way you encourage kids like us/me

  176. Dear BYOU you guys are so inspiring.

  177. Hi BYOU I LOVE your magazine’s so much they are so inspirational and they teach me not to care about what anybody thinks.It feels great getting to know how celebrities feel and know what they deal through and know their advice. I don’t care if I don’t win a prize and I’m not just saying that because I want to win. I TRULY love BYOU. So If I don’t win so what as long as you guys keep making your inspiring BYOU magazine’s

  178. i never feel confident but now i do espailly because of you

  179. i really wish i had sometime fun like this prizes because my Bestfriends/neighbors just move and this is a very hard time.

  180. you help get through the rough times like when your bff is moving so thank you so much.

  181. You are a great website for young girls! I have 5 daughters, I love the things I read on your website and so do they. My daughters are 12,13,16,22 and 25. Your words of wisdom do wonder and the things you do for girls are amazing. I just wish your magazine was more affordable for families with stay home mothers with only the father working. But we all will still enjoy and love your website!!!!

  182. BYOU You are so inspiring to me because of all of that you write is helping young women feel confendent about from our self.

  183. I loveeeeee prizes

  184. Hi LOVE B-YOU and thank them for giving out free prizes
    -Mary T

  185. I love prizes

  186. I have never one a prize

  187. Hey ya’ll! This is one of your biggest subscribers here in South Carolina! Comment below if u have NEVER gotten anything (like me.) lol <3 BYOU!!


  189. i just got my new byou mag and it rocks. came faster than ever!!!

  190. yolo to you to!!

  191. HI everyone! I love byou, and i know i probably wont get picked for my 1 or 2 choice, but i just wanted to say YOLO and peace out!

  192. won a mag sigh by kelli berglund!!!!!!! in a twitter party last moth and it cool. if you want to win cool prizes or talk to a celebrity enter twitter party and who knows!!!

  193. wow good job. that is so cool. i have never won any thing that is for 1 winner only!!! good win !!!!.

  194. thanks. i will

  195. hey thanks. have you won any thing yet)? like posh pack?or some thin else???. oh if you girls out there want to win mags or cool prizes) enter TWITTER PARTY`S AND WIN COOL STUFF!!!!

  196. yo ryleigh good job. i just want to tell all the girls out there to keep trying and never give up!!!!!!. good win ryleigh on that mag!!!!!!!!!

  197. i won a mag sigh by kelli berglund!!!!!!! in a twitter party last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool every one should enter its so cool!!!!!!!!!! its fun

  198. hi your new here art you well hope you win some thin

  199. good job i hope to win some time to.hope you win more cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!. i`l win soon!!!

  200. oh please pick me i have to win this contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have too.please please this looks like the most cool yet. pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  201. i love the byou contests and i want to win so bad!!!!!!!! i really want to win the posh pack so bad!!!!!!. please please PLEASE !!!!!!! pick me!!!!!!!!!!. its to cool. to cool be with out.!!!!!! pick me

  202. please pick me i really would like what i all submitted.

  203. I am new to byou but love it sooooooo much!!!!! PLEASE PICK ME!

  204. I won a head band!

  205. I think I won a Posh Pak because it said one is being shipped to me lol!! I don’t even remember entering but still so cool too win something so thanks hehe

  206. I love byou❀️

  207. Christina Smokes

    I won a Zebra Jananimal. I was so shocked and excited when the package arrived. Thanks BYOU Magazine. Keep the prizes coming.

  208. I love BYOU magazine! Good luck to everybody that entered for prizes!

  209. People are saying pick me to be a winner except i think that they just pick names randomly or something of that nature.

  210. I hope I win but its not all about winning. Some people think it is but it isn’t. But it is fun to win. Also i love selena gomez.

  211. you are beautiful

  212. BYOUmagazine really inspires me I will be so exied if I win I will also be exied for the others who win no matter if I win or don’t win.

  213. Hi im riley and i have never one anything please pick mmmmeeeee

  214. Me to!!!

  215. Hi I just wanted to tell all the girls out there that ther amazing and unique ☺

  216. i love Byou magazine and it would be fantastic if you guys would pick me.i also love these celebs they r so inspirering .its also nice to know other girls go threw the same things.!!!!!!!!

  217. elizabeth houseman


  218. I really hope I when B YOU is such a great magazine and all of the prizes are great!

  219. I hope I win because I love books, bracelets and canvas backpacks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. This magazine is so inspiring to me and my friends and I really want to win and share my win with my friends with a sleep over under the stars.

  221. i want the be you mag bsilly.but i probly am not going to win, but fingers crossed

  222. I love the prizes if my parents let me today I
    will enter! What day does the contest end?
    Ps. I love Taylor swift.

  223. love it thanks and really need this so many bad things had happen to me i just want something good to happen

  224. i want one so bad i wonder if they have francesca capaldi or skai jackson.

  225. I hope that I get piked to win a prize. I’m gonna give one to my sister if I win

  226. I could have got 3 VIP tickets to meet disney stars. but my brothers birthday is o that day

  227. Thank you for the awesome giveaways!!! I hope I win!! xo

  228. I got my first mag today!! I love it!!

  229. I just got the first issue of my magazine, and I really loved it! Thanks!

  230. my friends and I would love this for our next sleepover

  231. hey guys!, this might be a christmas present, or it might be for me, who knows! anyway, happy holidays, happy new year, happy channaukah, and merry christmas!

  232. I love BYOU magazine!!! I can’t wait for them to send the next issue!

  233. I really would love to win so I can share it with my family

  234. just got my first magazine and I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. You sound so nice! I hope you win!

  236. I love to give so I think your magazine is awesome especially the issue with Laura Morono (I would give anything to meet her)

  237. I love the issue with Laura Morono because she is always giving and I would like these gifts to give to my friends because they show inner beauty

  238. I hope i win something but mostly the BFF prize cuz my BFF is like my bestest friend ever i wanted 2 give her that for Christmas. Please let me win at least that! I wanna gift it to her fro christmas…

  239. Please let me win!!!! I swear I got inspired so much by byou magazine to be myself. I hope you choose me!!! =^_^=

  240. i would Love to win the sports Katz, but if I dont i will know that a truly radiant young girl will! πŸ™‚ <3
    thank you SO much for changing my life for the better and helping me throughout my life. i love BYOU and will always cherish this love for all girls.
    BYOU 4 ever, Miranda <3

  241. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life, I will always try to be the best me I can be! Winning the sports cats would be amazing but if I don’t The price will go to another truly radiant young girl!

  242. it would really mean alot to me if i won this. your magazine inspired me to not care what i look like on the outside

  243. Love it

  244. in my life every day is a challenge to be me. It would be fun to win. If I don’t win I hope it is someone who i deserves it.

  245. I would LOVE the posh pack

  246. I would love to win the backpack. The magazine really helps cheer me up!

  247. I like ur magzine ever since Laura Marano was on it I like the to win because I dont win anything often so i would

  248. I love byou and I am a loyal subscriber and ella is one of my closest friends!! I would love to win something!! you guys are my favorite magazine I subscribe too!! πŸ™‚

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    Just got my 1st magzine and love it

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    I love the BYOU Magazine and this is my first time that I entry in a byou’s contest
    Good luck to everyone

  260. Claire Belvedere

    I would really like to win. The Headbands for Hope, Vera Wang Princess Power and the Rumba watch would be my favorites.

  261. Catherine Pakes

    This is an amazing magazine!!!!! πŸ™‚

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    LOVE the magazine!

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  278. I hope you pick me and I have something to say about the Bayley Madison magazine it has nothing about that she was on RL stones the haunting hour s1 e1 and s1 e2 playing the role of Lilly and Lilly d when she turns onto a person. Also I have a idea for the next magazine I think it should be Selena Gomez because I am her biggest fan ever. I hope you pick me to be one of the winners.

  279. I love it

  280. Pick me I want this more than anything in my life please please please pick me I love BYOU

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  286. I love byou magazine it is so inspiring!!

  287. Pick me! Pick me! I wish I could win something I never do and that’s a fact

  288. I like things I could carry around and tshirts I could wear to gym class and love duct tape. I really hope I win!!

  289. I love making duck tape things!

  290. Hey, BYOU magazine! I’ve NEVER won something before, and it would mean LOTS to me! I love the magazines! Good luck to other girls, too!! :):):)

  291. I love the BYOU magazines! I LOVE One Direction, singing, designing outfits, and hanging with my BFFS.

  292. I like dancing games, comfortable fashion, and I love making art out of all kinds of materials (like duct tape!). I hope I win something πŸ™‚

  293. I love to dance, play music, and sing. I choreograph dance numbers, and write songs, I also write music on my keyboard.

  294. Wow~I love B-you magazine! There so awesome! I read them all the time.. πŸ™‚

  295. Kellena rambaran

    I love the magazine. My friend gave me two issues and I love them

  296. I would like pink block bag, walking with dinsours dvd and the hot pens

  297. Love this u guys r awsome u inspire me so much I share it with other girls in my school and remeber u dont need to prentend to be somebody else be your own self luv u guys mwah

  298. Dhanyaa Madanlal

    ” i will forget the things that makes you the girl you are”
    – Dhanyaasri Madanlal

  299. You are my number one actress you are my romoldel you’re awesome please pick me I will be so gratefull you are so nice that’s why I follow you πŸ™‚

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  301. I really want to win because I love your magazine I really want to win really bad please pick me I really want to win super bad

  302. Yes, please specify color preferences! We cannot guarantee you will receive your preferred color, but we will try if you win! Thanks for entering!

  303. For the logo bracelet and beanie, do you have to specify the color?

  304. Da 1 who wuz at girltopia

    I was at Girltopia


  305. Fingers are crossed. It would be so awesome to win.

  306. I never saw the email that my daughter won but we got the My Friendship Bracelet Maker and a My Ribbon Barrette Maker in the mail today! Thank you BYOU! We now have some great activities to do on this rainy Friday! πŸ™‚

  307. I hope I get picked. I love your magazine. If I get picked I’ll always buy your magazine! I love it!:)

  308. Please pick me! This would make a great new word game to play while on one of our family camping trips!!!

  309. Shannen, how sweet of you! Thank you for supporting BYOU Magazine and positive self-esteem in girls! To enter to win free prizes, send an email to and include your name and email address. It’s that easy!

  310. Lena, thank you for your lovely message and for supporting BYOU’s mission to empower girls! We’d love to submit this testimonial to the magazine (you could be featured in an upcoming issue!). Email us at!

  311. I really don’t hope you mind me entering again I just can’t stress enough how much it would mean if I won!!

  312. I love you magazine and always get it, it is like my fave mag ever!! Your magazine gives me great advise and i tell all my friends to buy your mag because i love so much!! If you picked me i wouldn’t mind walking around with a giant sign attacged to me saying “Buy BYOU Magazine NOW!!” I would do that just for you because your magazine is so fab and gives me self esteem, and always makes me feel good!! Thank you BYOU Magazine

  313. hi you have no idea how much i love your magazine, i follow on twitter and RT most tweets so please pick me!!

  314. i dont find the place where you enter your name and age. can i just enter in a comment?

  315. please please please pick me to win!!! i love dolls and a my salon doll would mean alot to me to have! i what one SO much! i dont have enough to buy one, so , why not win it! πŸ™‚ i would LUV to have a my salon doll! πŸ™‚

  316. can i plz have the soks i love the byou magazines there amazeing and i have every issue

  317. BYOU magazine is such an inspiration, and bonus my favorite idols and stars. It shows being yourself is the best you can be. It gives advice for great self-esteem. Overall this magazine is great and I advise anyone who can to subscribe to get issues annually. <3

  318. GREAT! My daughter emailed you all! Fingers crossed!

  319. Hi, please pick me to win, It would really mean a lot!! [:

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